You Buy It, We Load It

Just Brush off the Dust

The huge misunderstanding about cowboys is mostly Hollywood’s fault and it all stems from fashion.  When they tried to make people like Sylvester Stallone play a cowboy, you know they were reaching and they missed the mark completely.  Real “cowboyism” has to go back to Gary Cooper and John Wayne who walked as though they were born astride a saddle, and talked as though they considered communication a courtesy, but not anything to get too excited about.  The key was, they always wore the same clothes.  Jeans and vests and shirts that buttoned, and no matter how long they had been on a cattle drive, or how many gunslingers they had faced, they never saw a need to change their clothes.  They seemed to need the dirt and the frayed edges to keep their gun belts in place.  Unless they were going to meetin’ (church) they pretty much kept to their boots and their belts and the jeans that were broken in to the point of actually having a distinctive shape, like other people’s shoes, you couldn’t loan them to anyone else because your imprint had taken over.  Awards were never given by the Academy for the costuming in a real western, but that was the whole point.  When you walked out of the theatre you couldn’t remember what the stars were wearing, but you never forgot their hard lined, squint into the sun faces.  They were cowboys, and they were the real thing.


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