You Buy It, We Load It

Strait Talk

If you want to talk about cowboy heroes, and it is a subject we love, you simply can’t keep your mouth shut about country music super star George Strait.  Strait’s phenomenal career has won him 57 Number One Singles, more than any recording artist in any genre of music … ever.  He is the only musician to ever hit Billboard 200s top ten list for thirty consecutive years, and in several years has made the list more than once.  His straight on his head cowboy hat and honey coated voice give him a prominent place in the cowboy book of favorites, but, strangely enough, he is an actual cowboy, with a ranch and cattle and horses.  He still partners in Rodeo Team Roping Competitions and his son is a professional rodeo cowboy.  He is married to his high school sweetheart and they live in Texas.  The Straits lost their daughter Jennifer to a car accident in 1986, prompting them to open the Jennifer Lynn Strait Foundation, which donates to children’s charities in and around San Antonio, Texas.  George Strait graduated from college with a degree in Agriculture, and managed his father’s ranch for years, all the time singing with different bands.  Then one day the right people heard him and the next year he produced a record with MCA Records, releasing, of course his first Number One Hit, Unwound.  There is no more loved face or voice in all of country music, and how refreshing to know that his success is all wrapped up in a boatload of character.


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