You Buy It, We Load It

Presidentially Speaking

Some of the most sensible beings ever to grace the White House grounds are the horses of the Presidents.  When the country was just beginning, horses were the best means of transportation, and many of our presidents have been land owners, country folk, who loved a daily ride for the exercise and the chance to clear their heads.  George Washington started the tradition by bringing his horses to his presidency, always white horses and always six.  He kept them in gleaming condition and was even known to brush their teeth.  Thomas Jefferson was said to love to ride, but he never mounted a horse before wiping its back with his handkerchief to remove any unwanted dirt.  All of the presidents who rode during their time at the white house paid for their own horses and their feed, and purchased their own riding accompaniments.  Ronald Reagan may have been the greatest lover of horses in modern times.  He was partial to Arabians and he and wife Nancy rode at their California ranch whenever they broke away for a vacation.  There is something about a leader who understands the value of a horse.  Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  He was a smart man.


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