You Buy It, We Load It

Color Me Paisley

where to buy cowgirl tuff jeansSometimes we just have to talk about our favorites and there is no question that Brad Paisley is one of our favorites.  We are pretty fond of cowboys as a rule, but this cowboy has won a place in our hearts and it looks like it is here to stay.  Some people are just meant for the hats and boots, and Brad is definitely one of them, add the guitar and you have one the best representations of what we love about the west, about country music and about America hands down.  Brad Paisley is a family man, a talented singer, song writer, and an over the top, the only guy allowed to play Santana’s guitar, guitarist.  When you’re listening to his music and there is an interlude that sounds like a marching band has suddenly joined the group and they’re all playing guitars, that’s Brad – just Mister Paisley having a little fun with the strings.  He has made the statement that he won’t perform a song he couldn’t sing in front of his grandmother and that seems like a good guideline – at least it’s working for him.  In 2010 Brad Paisley (and that is his real name) won the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year award, just adding to his career that boasts 25 breakout hits and 16 number one singles.


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