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Cowgirl Couture

Woman in cowgirl attire on horseback.

Woman in cowgirl attire on horseback. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to be a cowgirl, get ready to live by a slightly different set of rules than many women.  Cowgirls do not let their estrogen levels rule their lives, they are not princesses in the sense of Paris Hilton, but they may be princesses in the sense of Rapunzel, because they still believe that there is wonder in the world and they want to share it with the people around them.  There is a long lost moiré of polite society that says a real woman is refined in the art of inclusion, of seeing that all of the people in the room are engaged in conversation, that nobody is going unnoticed, and a real woman would never put her own insecurity ahead of the welfare or comfort of others.  That may be the most important cowgirl trait there is, the one that can talk to the old, the young, the lovely and the unlovely and make them all feel welcome, and she is confident enough to talk to the most attractive woman in the room in the kindest and most gracious of manners.  Being a cowgirl means you understand that how someone feels about you after you leave is not nearly as important as how they feel about themselves.


New @ Pine Country Feed



New at Pine Country Feed!  Stop in for our new Fall collection~ We have some great Fall Clothing in the store. This Tasha Polizzi Canoe Jacket is a must have…. it is machine washable and the faux fur collar is detachable. LOVE THIS JACKET!

Cowgirl Smart

If it were entirely up to you there would be time for coffee every morning on the porch, the dog would be welcome in the Board Room and your children’s laughter would be the loudest noise you heard all day.  If it were your choice people would always be treated with respect and the longest part of the day would be the ride you take over the range as the sun is just beginning to go down.  Not everyone is asking your opinion but in the areas you control, you respond first with kindness, you give a little more than is expected, you make it a point to sit with the old man on the board walk to hear his stories about a long ago war.  You’ve never seen anything quite as beautiful as the darks eyes of your mare peeking out from under her mane, and you make a point of letting the people you love know that you do, and you’ve no plans of quitting.  You’re a cowgirl and it’s the little things that matter to you, because in the grand scheme of things they are all that you can count on.

A Side of Glam

What could be better than a store where you can buy feed for not only your horse or your dog, but you can get groceries for your goat, your bird, your chickens and your llama?  Nothing, unless you could also buy a pair of sterling silver earrings, and perhaps a designer handbag, and what about a hand tooled saddle and some killer jeans, and a rug made of hand tied leather strips.  Pine Country Feed is not your ordinary feed and tack store.  It is a feed and tack and dog toy and cowgirl fashion and home accessory and turquoise bracelet watch store.  Stop in for pellets for your stove then take a gander upstairs and see if you don’t find the belt of your dreams and some handmade natural soap to go with it.  Pine Country Feed offers you an eclectic, “I have to have that” shopping experience and it all comes together with a big “welcome you home” atmosphere where you can shop for your horse and your wife in one fell swoop.  Brilliant!

Reminds Me

The rain this weekend was welcomed with open arms here in Colorado!  It was nice to enjoy a cool down and watch as the mountains found their green again!

As I listened to the rain in the evening on Saturday it took me back to when I was a little girl.  In the summer we spent many days with our grandma.  Without fail, as the afternoon turned into evening, the clouds would roll in.  The clouds had rain in them every time and before we knew it, there was a downpour outside.  This sparked chaos in the house!  Grandma would grab the tea kettle for hot water on the stove and my sister and I would get out three coffee cups and pour coco mix in.  We waited for the whistle to sound from the kettle, it seemed like it took ages to blow but finally there it went!  Grandma quickly poured the water

English: The Front Range of the Rocky Mountain...

English: The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is visible behind rain clouds in this aerial photograph shot over metropolitan Denver, Colorado, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

into the three waiting cups and my sister and I would stir in the mix and add a few marshmallows to each cup.

All three of us would take our cups outside onto the covered patio.  The rain was so loud!  I remember the smell of the rain on the grass, mixed with hot chocolate in my cup!  I remember the cool concrete on my legs as I sat cross-legged.

It was my favorite part of the day, my sister, me, and Grandma sitting on the patio, talking, giggling, and loving the summer rain!

Cowboy Stampede

cowgirl boutiqueOut on the range, when there’s nothing to answer but the call of the wild, and the only clock you have is shining overhead, things seem to make sense.  The little things start to matter more and all the other stuff kind of gets lost in the dust.  Taking stock of what we care about, what makes us say “this was worth it” has a lot to do with why we own Pine Country FeedWe care about giving people what they came for, meeting needs and alleviating frustrations, helping people create a life in a place they love, and giving them the service they deserve in the midst of a world where nobody has the time.  We love living in the mountains, we love the smell of horses and worn leather gloves, and we love our customers, people who have made the choice to put in the work to have what some people couldn’t begin to imagine.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and thank you more for being part of ours!

Cowboy Culture

Cowgirl BoutiqueSo you’re wondering why in a world where speed and riches are everything I would choose to be a cowboy.  Why would I choose to work until I’m blistered and bruised and covered with dirt, and what is it about me that makes me think it’s okay to wear jeans for my work clothes and jeans for my church clothes and jeans when I take my best girl to dinner.  You wanna know why a guy like me, with a Masters Degree in Business, would spend long nights in the barn during calving season, and longer days in the winter getting hay to the herd on the upper forty, and why I would rather shake hands with a man whose palms are worn by the reins of a horse than one who has a cell phone attached to his ear.  You can’t figure what makes someone like me tear up when I see a soldier salute the flag and why I think of a summer afternoon on the porch as paradise, why I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without my hat.  The answer is a simple one, but it’s the only explanation I can think of.  Truth is … I was born this way.