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Pine Country Feed Fall Gallery

Today we would like to highlight all the new fall goodies we have at Pine Country Feed!  Here is just a taste of fall here is Pine, Colorado!

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A Side of Glam

What could be better than a store where you can buy feed for not only your horse or your dog, but you can get groceries for your goat, your bird, your chickens and your llama?  Nothing, unless you could also buy a pair of sterling silver earrings, and perhaps a designer handbag, and what about a hand tooled saddle and some killer jeans, and a rug made of hand tied leather strips.  Pine Country Feed is not your ordinary feed and tack store.  It is a feed and tack and dog toy and cowgirl fashion and home accessory and turquoise bracelet watch store.  Stop in for pellets for your stove then take a gander upstairs and see if you don’t find the belt of your dreams and some handmade natural soap to go with it.  Pine Country Feed offers you an eclectic, “I have to have that” shopping experience and it all comes together with a big “welcome you home” atmosphere where you can shop for your horse and your wife in one fell swoop.  Brilliant!

By Any Other Color

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchencooking, eating, doing dishes, drinking coffee, eating again – and it needs to be a place we feel called to, a room that tells us we are home.   Sometimes we get so busy thinking of the kitchen as a “utility” room that we forget to make it work aesthetically.  On the flip side, a kitchen that suffers from décor overload can make us feel disorganized and stressed.  The kitchen does have to support the work that goes on there, but it should also be pleasing to the eye.   Martha Stewart who simply refuses to work in a kitchen that is anything less than beautiful , suggests an investment in small appliances, bake ware and utensils that are not only functional, but that are pleasing to the eye.  A mixer can beat the egg whites into a meringue just as well when it is lime green as opposed to something the color of Cream of Wheat.  Have some fun, add some color, or go the other way and take every drop of color out.  A totally white, or a silver and black palette can be stunning.  Your kitchen works hard and it is screaming for drama, something that says to the world, “the food cooked in this room may change your life”.  Make your kitchen a place you want to be after dinner is done and the dishwasher is running.  And while you’re there, put your feet up.  You work hard too.

Pine Country Christmas Joy

christmas gift ideasIt is Christmas at Pine Country Feed and that means we are wrapped in the spirit of the holiday.  Our shelves are stocked with the things you won’t find elsewhere to give to that person who has stolen your heart.  Being in love at Christmas just triples the joy of the season and you can make the happiness last with a cowboy hat or duster or both for your favorite buckaroo.  There a belts and hats and jackets and scarves and “to die for” jewelry for your cowgirl sweetheart, and don’t leave without checking out the saddles.  Stop in and browse and remember why you love this time of year at Pine Country Feed, where it’s a little more festive and a lot warmer than the mall.  Pine Country Feed hopes your days leading up to Christmas are filled with delight and a reminder of how much we all have to be thankful for.

Encircle Me With Christmas

tack and feed store in coloradoThe time has come for home adornment and nothing says Christmas any clearer than the wreath.  They can be hung over the fireplace, on the front door, anywhere you want to add a touch of celebration.  The wreath has long been a symbol of eternity since its shape has no beginning and no end, and when it is made of the traditional pine boughs it also represents life and survival.  The evergreen branch has long been used in wreaths to represent the struggle for survival.  In Roman times a natural wreath was given to warriors as they returned home from war, as recognition of their victory in the battle.  At Christmas the pine wreath symbolizes eternal life, and celebrates the passage of the dark days of winter, and let’s be honest, it smells great!  If you’re looking for something to hang from year to year, the choices are endless.  At Pine Country Feed we have an array of all natural, dried wreaths as well as some blingy beaded choices that will get things started right.  Wrap your home in Christmas this season with a wreath on every door and a hug in every heart.

Get Festive

tack and feed stores in coloradoThanksgiving is past and we are staring Christmas in the face, the lights, the trees, the packages and all the excitement.  There is nothing quite a like a mountain Christmas on the ranch with horse drawn carriages and dark pine forests.  Don’t let the splendor stop at the front door, bring it in and settle it on the hearth, right next to the rocking chair draped in Grandma’s quilt.  Pine Country Feed is addicted to Christmas and helping you make your home the joy center it is meant to be.  Simple, chic, loaded with rustic outdoor charm, you’ll find just what your house needs to say Christmas done right.  There are items for the tree, the table and something perfect to take you to those holiday parties in style.  Start your Christmas with a trip to the place that puts you in the holiday spirit the minute you walk through the door – Christmas at Pine Country Feed!

Joyful Shopping

tack and feed storesWhen you’re getting ready for the upcoming holidays don’t forget about the four-legged family members who give us so much joy throughout the year.  Pine Country Feed, though known for their larger animal supplies, also cater to the house pets in your life.  You’ll find favorite toys, bones for chewing, the best foods and treats, and Pine Country will help you put it all together in a snuggly bed for your furry friend.  While you’re there be sure to take a trip upstairs to the cowgirl boutique where you’ll be delighted by the Christmas decorations and the myriad choices of gifts that you haven’t seen anywhere else.  The great part is, you won’t have to go to the mall where you’ll look for parking and walk a good mile and a half to finally get to the store that carries your mom’s favorite hand cream.  Be adventurous and skip the slippers for your sister.  It’s time she had a blingy belt, or a turquoise encrusted pillow.  The shopping you do at Pine Country Feed will leave you feeling refreshed instead of frazzled and the gifts you give will be one of a kind and from the heart!