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Cowboy Stampede

cowgirl boutiqueOut on the range, when there’s nothing to answer but the call of the wild, and the only clock you have is shining overhead, things seem to make sense.  The little things start to matter more and all the other stuff kind of gets lost in the dust.  Taking stock of what we care about, what makes us say “this was worth it” has a lot to do with why we own Pine Country FeedWe care about giving people what they came for, meeting needs and alleviating frustrations, helping people create a life in a place they love, and giving them the service they deserve in the midst of a world where nobody has the time.  We love living in the mountains, we love the smell of horses and worn leather gloves, and we love our customers, people who have made the choice to put in the work to have what some people couldn’t begin to imagine.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and thank you more for being part of ours!


Wild Visit

He hadn’t seen a day like this in weeks, when the sun was hot on the backs of his gloves, making his hands ache with the baking crackle of the leather.  His narrow gaze scanned the backs of the wild horses as they grazed across the range, nickering softly to each other in their playful, coaxing voices, their eyes aware, though diverted.  “He is watching,” they whisper.  The cowboy pulled his hat further down over his eyes, guarding his gaze as he focused on the chestnut at the front of the herd, wondering if he was as fast as his muscled legs seemed to suggest, wondering how his own coal black pony would do in a chase with this masterful beast.  The chestnut looked over, snorted and went back to eating, clearly confident in his ability to overcome any challenge, or perhaps he knew that the cowboy was only watching.  The man on the dark horse lifted his chin in a nod to the burnished stallion and reined his own ride away from the herd, on an undefined path through the tall grasses.  It was their agreement – a side by side existence without the chase, just the chance to glimpse the perfect beauty, the power of life, and enjoy the gift of freedom.

Sitting Pretty

There is no under selling the importance of the right saddle.  In the great Westerns there is almost always a scene where the cowboy pulls the saddle off of his trusted steed, plunks it down by the fire, where he proceeds to make it the crowning point of his bed for the night.  He’s ridden on this tailored piece of worn in leather all day and now, with his hat pulled down over his eyes, the saddle has become his pillow, and he appears perfectly content.  The lesson here is simple.  You can’t mess with the saddle.   You have to get the right one, the best quality, it should be attractive, but the leather has to be a work of art, soft and tough at the same time.  Of all the leather things in life for which counterfeits have been made-shoes, easy chairs, coats, handbags, watch bands – nobody has ever been foolish enough to try to counterfeit the saddle.  It has to be leather, the best kind of leather, and it has to be saddle leather, softened with saddle soap and tooled to perfection.  An exceptional saddle is what you want, and exceptional saddles are what Pine Country Feed has.  Drop in for a browse then get ready to ride.  It will be the ride of your life!