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Kick Up Your Heels

So do you have your boots for the Rodeo yet?  You know it’s this Saturday.  Seriously girls!  Get your feet in gear and get over to Pine Country Feed, where there are boots just right for your cowgirl feet.  And while you’re at it, grab a hat for your adorable cowgirl head.  Seriously!


Horse Sense

The great thing about cowgirls is that their refinement doesn’t come from stilted manners and insincere graciousness.  A cowgirl’s demeanor is one of true warmth and kindness of heart.  She carries herself with an air of confidence, and it has something to do with the horses.  A horse knows when you’re shaking in your boots, or if you don’t really like him and his insistence on the real thing is woven into the way a cowgirl conducts herself, being who she is, because she knows that if she can handle the four legged love of her life she can certainly handle anything on two legs.  She is sure of herself but secure enough to ask for help, because strength doesn’t come from going it alone, it comes from valuing the good in others.  Cowgirls are all about putting everything they have into the ride, not quitting until the last bale is loaded, seeing the rough terrain ahead, hanging on tight and giving it a kick, because at the end of the day cowgirls know that life is best lived at a full gallop so that you can really appreciate the meandering walk at the top of the hill.

Feet First

Is there anything on earth that can brighten your day, pull you out of your doldrums, or just in general give you that “I’ve got the world by the tail” feeling, more than a remarkable pair of footwear?  Be honest, male or female, young or old, it really is all about the boots.  The best jeans will only go as far as the boots they tuck into, and don’t even talk to me about skirts.  Is there anything snappier than a denim skirt with a pair of “don’t even ask the price” cowboy boots – or ropers under a sleek pair of trousers with all the right pockets and no sag?  We’re talking fashion at its Western, take no names, best and you’ve gotta have it, in multiples of two.  Pine Country Feed, the place that understands the heart of the cowboy is bringing in boots.  In the store that knew cowgirls were tough even before they had a jean named after them, we’ve got the line on boots.  We know what you like and how bad you want them, and we can’t wait to get them out on the floor for a turn around the barn.  Boots are coming, so get ready strut on in and get outfitted the way you were meant to be, because we can’t say it enough, it really is all about the boots!