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Christmas Gift Ideas!

Pine Country Feed has~New Hoodies.. They come in 3 colors – gray, denim blue and persimmon. They are only $29.95

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Be Adorned

Pine Country Feed AccessoriesMany years ago I was given this one piece of advice that has carried me for years.  Very simply, “it’s all in the accessories”.  Think about it, it will change your life.  It’s Monday morning and you’ve got a meeting, so you pull the black jeans, your boots and a long sleeved grey tee with a v-neck out of the closet.  It all looks painfully like what you wore last Monday to the same meeting, except for the tee, last week it was light blue with rounded scoop neck.  Thankfully you’re not quite done.  Start with a belt, the one with the rhinestone and red coral inlay and the pounded pewter buckle.  For earrings you’ll wear the antique silver with red coral beading and for a necklace you’ll do the heavy silver chain with dangling baubles and red coral pieces.  Grab your suede fringed jacket and you’re good to go, anywhere.  When you meet your husband and his new client for dinner tonight, you’ll switch your boots for heels, the jacket for your boiled wool blazer and your necklace for the red and silver silk scarf that wraps around twice and still has room for a knot.  The jeans are great, the tee is one of your favorites, but it’s all the other stuff, the bling, the pizzazz that really gets it done, and brilliantly you have enough of that to wear something different everyday for months.

Pine Country Pizzazz

western wear It’s time the make getting dressed in the morning one of the best parts of your day.  The moment has come when throwing your closet doors open should be done with anticipation, with a pounding heart, knowing that what you wear today will make everything go a bit smoother and you will walk into each demanding situation with that, “I know I look good” edge.  Pine Country Feed has filled its more than inviting upstairs with clothes that will make you not “that woman who always looks nice”, but rather “that woman who looks so fabulous in everything she wears”.  Get your cowgirl style on with boots and belts, skirts and shirts, jackets, vests, and of course that staple of every real wardrobe – jeans, from Cowgirl Tuff, Ranch Royalty,  and Tasha Polizzi.  Long on style and blessed with creative genius, the Pine Country closet is brimming with just what you need to go from “getting through it”, to totally owning the day!


Stagecoach in Boulder parade

Stagecoach in Boulder parade (Photo credit: Jerry W. Lewis)

What were we thinking when we went from the Stage Coach as a main means of mass transportation to the “bigger than the state of Delaware” bus.  Buses have gotten so big they have to put an accordion fold in the middle of some of them just to be able to get around a corner.  Their size alone seems to give them a sense of entitlement, like ownership of the road, both their lane and yours, comes from the fact that they could run you into a ditch without even feeling it and the amount of fuel they use is heart breaking.  In the era of the Stage Coach, the passenger traveled with three, at the most four other people, and most of them wore hats, so you didn’t have their dandruff falling on your shoulder if they dozed off on the trip, and a lot of them were carrying guns, so the fear of hijacking was pretty much alleviated.  An occasional hold up, wheel break, or washed out bridge was inevitable, but it just made the trip fodder for the next letter home.   The cost of fuel was minimal, water and feed,  and during your trip you usually got to stop for a cup of coffee at a ramshackle but cozy place where they were glad to see you and happy to do what they could to make the rest of your journey a pleasant one.  If you didn’t mind having your bones rattled and being covered with dust, the Stage Coach was a very civilized way of getting from here to there – not fast, but fuel efficient and these days that is the name of the game.

Organic Chicken Feed

Ranch Way Organic Feed

Poultry and his nutrition
Poultry and his nutrition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has come to Pine Country.  Pine Country Feed is proud to announce that we have become a Ranch Way Feed dealer which means we are carrying the Ranch Way Organic Chicken Feed.  The Ranch Way feeds are certified to be grown without chemicals or pesticides, on land that has been organic for at least three years.  The end result is a product that will give you healthier chickens, unfettered by harmful substances that are not only harmful to the chickens but to the people who eat their eggs.  Organic Chicken Feed, means healthier chickens, means better, healthier eggs, and it all starts for you at Pine Country Feed.  What kind of feed are your chickens eating?  It makes a huge difference.  What do you want to know about feeding your chickens?  We’re all ears.

Miracle Drug

Pine Country FeedThere are certain things in life you just have to know to be a true success.  Cornbread should always be baked in a cast iron skillet, people who don’t like dogs probably don’t like you either, and there is no day that can’t be improved by chocolate.  Be it gourmet, or the last grab when you’re about to check out at the Wal-Mart, that touch of wonderful will turn a questionable three into a ten within two bites.  There is a lot to be said for the taste and texture, the aroma is a highlight, but the real draw is the extravagance of eating pure luxury while you’re on your way home from work, or waiting for a movie to start, or before you do the dishes.  It is a relatively inexpensive way to say to the world, and even more to yourself, “I am choosing to do something that just makes me happy, and I may decide to do it again tomorrow”.  It might have almonds, or toffee, or caramel, but the chocolate is the thing that puts it above the level of snack, way beyond the concept of treat, and takes it all the way to a spiritual experience.   Our advice is simple.   Whatever your station in life, choose to do the right thing, and make it a chocolate kind of day.

Cowboy Culture

Cowgirl BoutiqueSo you’re wondering why in a world where speed and riches are everything I would choose to be a cowboy.  Why would I choose to work until I’m blistered and bruised and covered with dirt, and what is it about me that makes me think it’s okay to wear jeans for my work clothes and jeans for my church clothes and jeans when I take my best girl to dinner.  You wanna know why a guy like me, with a Masters Degree in Business, would spend long nights in the barn during calving season, and longer days in the winter getting hay to the herd on the upper forty, and why I would rather shake hands with a man whose palms are worn by the reins of a horse than one who has a cell phone attached to his ear.  You can’t figure what makes someone like me tear up when I see a soldier salute the flag and why I think of a summer afternoon on the porch as paradise, why I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without my hat.  The answer is a simple one, but it’s the only explanation I can think of.  Truth is … I was born this way.