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Christmas Gift Ideas!

Pine Country Feed has~New Hoodies.. They come in 3 colors – gray, denim blue and persimmon. They are only $29.95

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Welcome Home

Walk down the street and have the bank president come running out to tell you hello.  Bring home an Aspen tree from the nursery and have two neighbors and the guy at the stop light tell you the best way to plant it.   Take your dog along when you cash a check at the drive up at the bank, and find a milk bone in the money tube when it comes back.  When you stop into your favorite coffee shop find the barista standing behind the counter with your favorite drink freshly made and waiting for you.  It’s called living in the mountains, where we do business with our friends and our neighbors become family, and if the snow on your drive is over a foot high you’ll have a line of people waiting to help you dig out.  We might need our coats and boots in May, but we may be out in shirtsleeves in mid-December, because once in a while we have those “just like spring” days just before Christmas.  We love living here, and we love the other people who love living here, because people who make their lives in the mountains have found a place they call home and it’s a home we are all privileged to share.