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Fashion Wise

English: Wyatt Earp in the mid-1870s wearing a...

English: Wyatt Earp in the mid-1870s wearing a business suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hate for things to come down to appearance, but on some level, your image will affect your ability to gain clientele.  How you look needs to match what you do.  A person selling construction materials would look silly showing up at a site in high heels and a business suit.  By the same token, your best attire for a board room meeting with a CEO and his lender is unquestionably something from Joseph A. Banks.  If you clean houses for a living and you pull up in a car that has moss growing on the grill and remnants of last week’s lunch in the back seat, you might be throwing up a red flag as to your competence.  If you are an interior designer for high end business offices but when you meet with your client you’re wearing snagged polyester pants and a tube top, their confidence is going to wane.  You don’t have to have a lot of clothes, but a well cut business suit and shoes that gleam will tell your investment clients that you spend your money wisely and tastefully and you will do the same with theirs.  We live in the west so embrace it.  A skirt and jacket from Pine Country Cowgirl Boutique, accessorized with one of their fabulous handbags will help you present your professional best without looking stuffy and never underestimate the power of a great hair cut.  A cut that suits you and has a clean, unfussy look tells people you put your money where it counts, and you count more than anything else in your business.


Kick up Your Heels

western wearWeddings today are all about expressing the unique personalities of the Bride and Groom.  The charming and unexpected detail can make your wedding a lasting memory, and if you’re getting married in the mountains you have endless ways to make the day truly yours.  One of the great style elements that have emerged of late is the bride and her maids in cowboy bootsCowboy boots have become an iconic fashion statement unto themselves, but added to a wedding gown they turn into a flirty, all American show stopper.  The choices available are myriad, with something to suit every taste, and don’t overlook the comfort factor.  You will spend a good part of the day on your feet and a great pair of cowboy boots will not only look sleek and sassy, but will give your aching feet the break they deserve.  Getting married?  Go West – it’s where all the fun happens!

Upstairs and Downstairs

wild bird feedAt Pine Country Feed we are particular about the brands we carry.  We are proud to stock Purina, Mazuri, Manna Pro and Kent to help keep your equine companion healthy and well nourished.  We carry small pet feeds like Evo, Active Care, Red Flannel and Pinnacle to name only a few, and it doesn’t stop there.  Our wild bird products include suet, black oil sunflower, nyjer and hummingbird oil as well as some adorable, functional birdhouses and feeders for your yard.  We talk a lot about our cowgirl boutique because we love to bring you the best and brightest in western wear and home décor, and the same goes for the feed store.  Only best for the best people we know – our fabulous customers!

Be Adorned

Pine Country Feed AccessoriesMany years ago I was given this one piece of advice that has carried me for years.  Very simply, “it’s all in the accessories”.  Think about it, it will change your life.  It’s Monday morning and you’ve got a meeting, so you pull the black jeans, your boots and a long sleeved grey tee with a v-neck out of the closet.  It all looks painfully like what you wore last Monday to the same meeting, except for the tee, last week it was light blue with rounded scoop neck.  Thankfully you’re not quite done.  Start with a belt, the one with the rhinestone and red coral inlay and the pounded pewter buckle.  For earrings you’ll wear the antique silver with red coral beading and for a necklace you’ll do the heavy silver chain with dangling baubles and red coral pieces.  Grab your suede fringed jacket and you’re good to go, anywhere.  When you meet your husband and his new client for dinner tonight, you’ll switch your boots for heels, the jacket for your boiled wool blazer and your necklace for the red and silver silk scarf that wraps around twice and still has room for a knot.  The jeans are great, the tee is one of your favorites, but it’s all the other stuff, the bling, the pizzazz that really gets it done, and brilliantly you have enough of that to wear something different everyday for months.

Pine Country Pizzazz

western wear It’s time the make getting dressed in the morning one of the best parts of your day.  The moment has come when throwing your closet doors open should be done with anticipation, with a pounding heart, knowing that what you wear today will make everything go a bit smoother and you will walk into each demanding situation with that, “I know I look good” edge.  Pine Country Feed has filled its more than inviting upstairs with clothes that will make you not “that woman who always looks nice”, but rather “that woman who looks so fabulous in everything she wears”.  Get your cowgirl style on with boots and belts, skirts and shirts, jackets, vests, and of course that staple of every real wardrobe – jeans, from Cowgirl Tuff, Ranch Royalty,  and Tasha Polizzi.  Long on style and blessed with creative genius, the Pine Country closet is brimming with just what you need to go from “getting through it”, to totally owning the day!

Cowboy Stampede

cowgirl boutiqueOut on the range, when there’s nothing to answer but the call of the wild, and the only clock you have is shining overhead, things seem to make sense.  The little things start to matter more and all the other stuff kind of gets lost in the dust.  Taking stock of what we care about, what makes us say “this was worth it” has a lot to do with why we own Pine Country FeedWe care about giving people what they came for, meeting needs and alleviating frustrations, helping people create a life in a place they love, and giving them the service they deserve in the midst of a world where nobody has the time.  We love living in the mountains, we love the smell of horses and worn leather gloves, and we love our customers, people who have made the choice to put in the work to have what some people couldn’t begin to imagine.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and thank you more for being part of ours!

A Stitch in Time

jeansIn 1873, immigrants David Jacobs and Levi Strauss, combined their talents and resources and came up with a new phenomenon, called Waist Overalls, more commonly known as jeans.  From this first creation of denim thread and metal rivets, the single most popular clothing item in the history the world has taken shape, and variations are endless.  Brilliant because of their durability and style, practical because they last forever and get the job done, jeans are synonymous with hard work and high fashion all at the same time.  When women finally started wearing “trousers” in the forties and then “slacks” in the fifties, a proper pair of women’s jeans weren’t far behind.  Cowgirl Tuff Jeans have taken the jean world by storm, doing their well-fitting best to make women’s legs look longer, behinds firmer, and all with a sense of wild west chic.  Pine Country Feed has the good sense to carry a product that goes so far in making women’s fashion about comfort, style and ease of care.  Proud to carry the Cowgirl Tuff brand, Pine Country is the place you’ll find a treasure around every corner.