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Cowgirl Smart

If it were entirely up to you there would be time for coffee every morning on the porch, the dog would be welcome in the Board Room and your children’s laughter would be the loudest noise you heard all day.  If it were your choice people would always be treated with respect and the longest part of the day would be the ride you take over the range as the sun is just beginning to go down.  Not everyone is asking your opinion but in the areas you control, you respond first with kindness, you give a little more than is expected, you make it a point to sit with the old man on the board walk to hear his stories about a long ago war.  You’ve never seen anything quite as beautiful as the darks eyes of your mare peeking out from under her mane, and you make a point of letting the people you love know that you do, and you’ve no plans of quitting.  You’re a cowgirl and it’s the little things that matter to you, because in the grand scheme of things they are all that you can count on.


Refined Sipping

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d'une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have decided that coffee, at times, should be sipped, not from oversized mugs that give the drinker a wrist cramp, and certainly not from an ecologically sound recyclable cup made from previously recycled materials that were retrieved from landfill in a third world country, but from an actual porcelain cup with a saucer, accompanied by a small spoon for stirring and perhaps a chocolate cookie that is wrapped in wax paper.  Have we become so enamored by our brew that we have come to overlook the joy of the ceremony, the ritual of stopping and drinking coffee in quiet contemplation, letting the steam cloud our specs, and the aroma waft thoughtfully above our head.  Next time you get a coffee let it be an event, a moment of non-moving time, when your soul can gather itself in calm, heartwarming repose.  Ask your coffee guru to add saucered cups to their repertoire, and if they don’t know what you’re talking about, go somewhere else.

Shall I Pour?

western wearYou have to wonder if the Wild West might have been different if there had been access to better coffee.    When you started and ended your day with a coffee made from grounds, boiled over a fire, in a sock and a tin pot of water until just the smell could cause an ulcer, you figure it had to affect your sunny disposition.  Imagine if they’d had a nice French pressed cup of only the best Allegro blend, strong but not bitter, and never inky, Billy the Kid might have thought twice about shooting the barber who gave him a bad haircut.  A good cup of coffee can make the difference in public reactions on many levels.  Throwing someone through the picture window of the local pub doesn’t seem quite as necessary when one has been properly caffeinated and thoroughly prepared for the worst, by the ingestion of a powerful dark roast with just a hint of the outdoors.  In a recent viewing of the movie True Grit, I found myself wondering what a thorough cleansing and a mug of Sumatra might have done for Jeff Bridges.  Matt Damon needed some sort of assistance, but I am afraid even a well-brewed espresso wouldn’t have been enough.

Perk, Drip, Press but Definitely Pour

Colorado tack and feed storeIf you don’t understand that many of life’s issues arise over want of a descent cup of coffee, it is time you learned.  When you’re sipping a brew with just the right heady aroma, and that extra soul soothing richness that can be found only in superior blends of freshly roasted beans, it is impossible to be angry with the person sitting across from you, as long as they are sharing in the ritual cup.  Sharing the luxury of artisan coffee, brewed to perfection puts things in perspective, makes a lot of pesky differences seem unimportant.  Will our worry improve the economy by even the slightest measure?  It will not.  Will traffic decrease by as much as an automobile if we are angry about it?  It will not.  Will having a cup of  exceptional coffee in the midst of a day that is over hectic and a world that is spinning out of control settle a mantle of peace over your soul and a sense of well-being in your heart?  It will. At Pine Country Feed we believe in bringing an injection of positive into the everyday whenever possible.   Look for your injection, arriving soon at Pine Country – coffee that will bring you joy!

The Joy of the Brew

Whether you prefer your coffee prepared by a sock of grounds thrown into a boiling tin pot over an open flame, or delicately encouraged to the height of flavor in a fine French press, it is an undeniable truth that coffee is the perfect blend of piping hot remedy and sheer spiritual experience.  A cup of coffee, brewed to perfection with just the right amount of thick cream can serve as the only solution to a day that has run amuck, working its magic in sips of aromatic assurance, quieting even the most annoying voices in your head.  Served after an enjoyable meal it will begin the evening with the grace and elegance of a string quartet, spreading its peaceful presence through body and mind like the music of a bygone era.  Whatever the occasion, there is a coffee to make it richer, which is why Pine Country
Feed is looking forward to the introduction of its own private label, mountain roasted blend with great anticipation.  A coffee blended with our deserving customers in mind.  Just one more way we are letting you know that you matter to us and we want you to be blissfully happy.

Coffee People Unite!

At Pine Country Feed we are lovers of anything that adds richness to our lives – great friends, mountain air, jeans that fit, and of course a great cup of coffee.  This week we are having a coffee tasting party to choose the signature roasts that will bear the name of Pine Country Feed and we can’t wait to introduce them to you.  We will be deciding the names of our roasts, and we would love your help.  If you have a great idea for a coffee name, and keep in mind we are going with a cowboy/cowgirl- Wild West theme, put it on our wall.  If we choose yours, you’ll receive a free pound of coffee and all of our deepest admiration.  So raise your cup and put on your thinking cap. Salut!

A Word From Manna Pro

Last spring about zillion of you bought our baby chicks and ducks which we are assuming means you have eggs by the dozen.  You can only eat so many omelets so we thought we would suggest a visit to the Manna Pro site where they are offering a free download of egg recipes from their web followers –– click on the download for the Egg Cook Booklet.   While you’re there be sure to enter The Happy Homesteader promotion for a chance to win a free $5,000 Backyard Homesteader Makeover.  The Manna Pro site also offers some great tips for cleaning and storing your fresh eggs, nutritional information for raising goats and pigs, and a word about raising rabbits.  We thought while we were at it we would re-publish our recipe for Cast Iron Eggs just to give you one more choice.

Melt two tablespoons butter in a cast iron skillet on your stove top, add one cup of sliced mushrooms and cook until tender and dark brown.   Crack eight to ten eggs on top of the melted butter and mushrooms.  They will be crowded and the uncooked whites will overlap as though they are running together.  Sprinkle with garlic salt and course ground pepper and allow the eggs to cook undisturbed for about four minutes.  Cut two ripe tomatoes into thin slices and lay overlapping on top of the eggs.  Allow the eggs to cook for three more minutes on the stove top.   Finally, sprinkle with one cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese.  Place the skillet into a 350 degree oven and let bake for six minutes.  Serve by scooping out onto plates with a large spoon – no slicing.