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After the Gauchos

tack and feed stores in coloradoIt’s long been understood that the best cowgirl on television was Barbara Stanwyck as Victoria Barkley in The Big Valley.  She was tough and wiry and could ride a horse and rope a calf with any man and still manage to keep her hair in place and her ranch hands, as well as her grown children in line.  Amazingly, she managed to do it all in those hybrid skirt pants called gauchos which showed off her eighteen inch waist but allowed her to avoid the side-saddle thing.  Today, thankfully, cowgirls wear jeans.  The “bring in the herd, run the corporation, have dinner in the city” jeans that today’s women require, and even more thankfully, Pine Country Feed has that figured out.  The jeans they carry are made for women who live real lives and want to look great doing it.  Choose from Ranch Royalty, Cowgirl Tuff and True Grit to name a few – companies famous for jeans that work because they’re working jeans -whether your work is running a ranch or running the world.   And coming soon, you’ll be able to order from the Pine Country boutique at Circle H Ranch, on-line, 2am, in your jamas.  It’s a wonderful world!


Pine Country Pleasure

cowgirl tuff jeansWhen the days are as cold as they have suddenly turned the idea of running from store to store, getting in and out of your car, walking the 5.3 miles around the average mall, standing in lines at the big stores, can be daunting, painstaking, heart wrenching.  The wonder of it all is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  At Pine Country Feed you can find gifts, small and large, and in every price range.  Pine Country has everything from spurs to sparkly jewelry and you can shop in the elegance and peace of a quiet country store where they’re happy you came in.  You’ll love the selection of jeans that actually fit and boots that will allow you to really kick up your heels.  And while you’re there pick up a set of “red neck wine goblets” for someone you’re especially fond of.  At Pine Country Feed we love animals, horses and dogs, cats, hamsters,  sheep and chickens and we love people, and at Christmas we love pulling them all together so you can not only enjoy giving the gifts, you can enjoy shopping for them.

Perk, Drip, Press but Definitely Pour

Colorado tack and feed storeIf you don’t understand that many of life’s issues arise over want of a descent cup of coffee, it is time you learned.  When you’re sipping a brew with just the right heady aroma, and that extra soul soothing richness that can be found only in superior blends of freshly roasted beans, it is impossible to be angry with the person sitting across from you, as long as they are sharing in the ritual cup.  Sharing the luxury of artisan coffee, brewed to perfection puts things in perspective, makes a lot of pesky differences seem unimportant.  Will our worry improve the economy by even the slightest measure?  It will not.  Will traffic decrease by as much as an automobile if we are angry about it?  It will not.  Will having a cup of  exceptional coffee in the midst of a day that is over hectic and a world that is spinning out of control settle a mantle of peace over your soul and a sense of well-being in your heart?  It will. At Pine Country Feed we believe in bringing an injection of positive into the everyday whenever possible.   Look for your injection, arriving soon at Pine Country – coffee that will bring you joy!