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You Are In Our Thoughts

As many of you know, Colorado has had a weekend of heart-break and sadness.  There are no words that can be used to descried how senseless the Aurora theater shooting was.  There are many people who are heartbroken, traumatized, and injured because of what happened last Friday in theater nine.  There is no way to understand why or how something like this can happen and it is hard to move on knowing the pain people are dealing with today.  My family and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and today we would like to offer our condolences to all those affected by this horrific event.  Our thoughts, prayers, and sympathies are with the victims of this tragedy.


Reminds Me

The rain this weekend was welcomed with open arms here in Colorado!  It was nice to enjoy a cool down and watch as the mountains found their green again!

As I listened to the rain in the evening on Saturday it took me back to when I was a little girl.  In the summer we spent many days with our grandma.  Without fail, as the afternoon turned into evening, the clouds would roll in.  The clouds had rain in them every time and before we knew it, there was a downpour outside.  This sparked chaos in the house!  Grandma would grab the tea kettle for hot water on the stove and my sister and I would get out three coffee cups and pour coco mix in.  We waited for the whistle to sound from the kettle, it seemed like it took ages to blow but finally there it went!  Grandma quickly poured the water

English: The Front Range of the Rocky Mountain...

English: The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is visible behind rain clouds in this aerial photograph shot over metropolitan Denver, Colorado, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

into the three waiting cups and my sister and I would stir in the mix and add a few marshmallows to each cup.

All three of us would take our cups outside onto the covered patio.  The rain was so loud!  I remember the smell of the rain on the grass, mixed with hot chocolate in my cup!  I remember the cool concrete on my legs as I sat cross-legged.

It was my favorite part of the day, my sister, me, and Grandma sitting on the patio, talking, giggling, and loving the summer rain!

Ideal Wedding Seating

wedding ideasIf you’re looking for fresh ideas for your mountain wedding, you’ve come to the right place.  At Pine Country Feed we are loaded with great mountain wedding ideas.   If you’re getting married in the mountains – you’ve made a great choice.  The Colorado Rockies are known for tying knots that last.  The best reason for getting married in the mountains during the warm weather is that it is warm, not hot.  You can seat your guests outdoors under the rustling Aspen, or in an open field and not worry about them fainting dead away in the heat, but the sun can be piercing.  At issue is the seating itself.  You’re outside, absorbing the better part of nature, and somehow plastic chairs don’t seem suitable.  New hay bales, firmly packed, covered in white linen with nosegays tied on the corners make a wonderful seating presentation.  Add white umbrellas spiked into each bale you won’t have to worry about Aunt Fran getting sunburned.  Set the bales around the edges of a portable wood platform and you can dance the night away under the stars. After the wedding you can donate the bales to a local horse rescue.  Romance and recycling in one fell swoop.

Bulldogging Baby

western wearBaby Doll Combs, owned by steer wrestler and Rodeo Champion Willard Combs is thought to be the best Steer Wrestling horse, or “bulldogger” that ever rode the circuit.  During her seven peak years of rodeo competition from 1953 to when she died in 1960 she earned over $400,000 in prize money, which in today’s dollars would amount to around $2,965,000. In 1957 Willard Combs won the Championship Steer Wrestling title on Baby Doll, and that year, the cowboys who took second, third, fourth and fifth in the standings were also riding Baby Doll.  Famous Rodeo Cowboy, Bill Linderman said that Baby Doll knew bulldogging better than some of the cowboys who were riding her.  When she died at a Kansas Rodeo in 1960 from a ruptured spleen, Willard Combs had her shipped back to his ranch in Oklahoma to be buried.  Standing at the graveside, when she was laid to rest were many of the cowboys who had ridden her.   Baby Doll was inducted into the PRCAHall of Fame in 1979 with their very first class of inductees and is remembered as one of the greatest Rodeo horses of all times.

Beat the Buzzer

western wearFather’s Day weekend is legendary in Evergreen, Colorado; the weekend everything comes to a halt and residents become remnants of a bygone day, when there was nothing better than a night under the lights at the rodeo.  Sit in the front row where you can feel the breath of the champion horses as they race past, carrying cowboys and cowgirls in their best show time regalia.  We love the thrill of the ride, hoping the eight second clock will buzz before our cowboy flies into the air, wanting just one more bull rider to challenge the timer and beat the beast at his own game.  It is the fun that reminds us we are Americans and we live in the west, where everything is a little wilder and a little more challenging and a lot more of what we love.  Saddle up and wave your flag, you are about to enjoy a great chunk of Americana.

Day to Remember

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

We call this day Memorial Day because we are meant to remember the people in our lives who have been lost to death.  We deem remembering so important, in fact, that we have set aside a whole day, for thinking of the people in our lives who have crossed the threshold into eternity.  The day seems to be spent, often with family and friends, cooking outdoors, sharing some pre-summer sun, perhaps working in the yard.  All of those things are worth doing and we wish everyone safety and fun in their endeavors, but we wish everyone something else.  If on this day you have a lost someone you are thinking of, we hope that your thoughts will be filled with joy, with memories of all they meant to you, with laughter for all the funny times that life throws our way, with tears for the days you wish you could talk to them just one more time, with contentment for knowing that you have loved someone enough to carry them in your heart always.  Pine Country Feed wishes you a happy and memorable Memorial Day!

Then there is This

PIne Country FeedWarm weather is the call of the day – the time when faces turn to the sun and hearts to the carefree days of late spring.  Coffee on the porch in the early morning, a mid afternoon venture through the back pasture astride the mare that always knows just how you feel, the first taste of quiet, breezy evenings when the sun seems reluctant to sink behind the hills.  We are determined this year to experience the moments instead of the seasons, to relish the whispers and cling to the reminders that life is a fleeting fancy that should be treasured for its possibilities.  We are blessed with the wealth of family and friends and the joy of today and we wish all of you the wonder and warmth of the late, sweet spring.