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Then there is This

PIne Country FeedWarm weather is the call of the day – the time when faces turn to the sun and hearts to the carefree days of late spring.  Coffee on the porch in the early morning, a mid afternoon venture through the back pasture astride the mare that always knows just how you feel, the first taste of quiet, breezy evenings when the sun seems reluctant to sink behind the hills.  We are determined this year to experience the moments instead of the seasons, to relish the whispers and cling to the reminders that life is a fleeting fancy that should be treasured for its possibilities.  We are blessed with the wealth of family and friends and the joy of today and we wish all of you the wonder and warmth of the late, sweet spring.


By Any Other Color

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchencooking, eating, doing dishes, drinking coffee, eating again – and it needs to be a place we feel called to, a room that tells us we are home.   Sometimes we get so busy thinking of the kitchen as a “utility” room that we forget to make it work aesthetically.  On the flip side, a kitchen that suffers from décor overload can make us feel disorganized and stressed.  The kitchen does have to support the work that goes on there, but it should also be pleasing to the eye.   Martha Stewart who simply refuses to work in a kitchen that is anything less than beautiful , suggests an investment in small appliances, bake ware and utensils that are not only functional, but that are pleasing to the eye.  A mixer can beat the egg whites into a meringue just as well when it is lime green as opposed to something the color of Cream of Wheat.  Have some fun, add some color, or go the other way and take every drop of color out.  A totally white, or a silver and black palette can be stunning.  Your kitchen works hard and it is screaming for drama, something that says to the world, “the food cooked in this room may change your life”.  Make your kitchen a place you want to be after dinner is done and the dishwasher is running.  And while you’re there, put your feet up.  You work hard too.

back to childhood days

counting joy

Image by Flying House Studios via Flickr

Looking out my window this morning I was greeted with a blanket of pure white snow that draped itself over the mountains like frosting.  There was in time in my life when this would have brought a smile to my face, knowing that sledding was in my future followed by hot chocolate next to the fireplace.  Instead the only thing that hit me was that the roads were going to be slick today so I better get out the door early.  At first I thought nothing of this but then as I walked down stairs, the house bright with sunshine off the clean whiteness outside, the smell of coffee in the air, I stopped. 

I used to love the snow, the sledding, the cold fingers and toes warming up next to fire.  Why is it that I find it so hard it enjoy now?  I know that our lives are busy and as adults, we now have responsibilities but that doesn’t mean we can’t live in the joy of the simple things as a child does. 

Sometimes our adulthood can strip us of the one of the most precious things we have, JOY.  Back in the good ol’ days many of us found joy in simple things like a fresh backed cookie, our favorite cartoon, and an icy snow day.  Now, the things that bring us JOY are probably different like, an evening at home or a glass of wine after dinner.  No matter what is may be… 

Let’s go back to childhood days and treasure my second blissful basic– JOY.