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Fall: Pine Country Style

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Ideal Wedding Seating

wedding ideasIf you’re looking for fresh ideas for your mountain wedding, you’ve come to the right place.  At Pine Country Feed we are loaded with great mountain wedding ideas.   If you’re getting married in the mountains – you’ve made a great choice.  The Colorado Rockies are known for tying knots that last.  The best reason for getting married in the mountains during the warm weather is that it is warm, not hot.  You can seat your guests outdoors under the rustling Aspen, or in an open field and not worry about them fainting dead away in the heat, but the sun can be piercing.  At issue is the seating itself.  You’re outside, absorbing the better part of nature, and somehow plastic chairs don’t seem suitable.  New hay bales, firmly packed, covered in white linen with nosegays tied on the corners make a wonderful seating presentation.  Add white umbrellas spiked into each bale you won’t have to worry about Aunt Fran getting sunburned.  Set the bales around the edges of a portable wood platform and you can dance the night away under the stars. After the wedding you can donate the bales to a local horse rescue.  Romance and recycling in one fell swoop.

By Any Other Color

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchencooking, eating, doing dishes, drinking coffee, eating again – and it needs to be a place we feel called to, a room that tells us we are home.   Sometimes we get so busy thinking of the kitchen as a “utility” room that we forget to make it work aesthetically.  On the flip side, a kitchen that suffers from décor overload can make us feel disorganized and stressed.  The kitchen does have to support the work that goes on there, but it should also be pleasing to the eye.   Martha Stewart who simply refuses to work in a kitchen that is anything less than beautiful , suggests an investment in small appliances, bake ware and utensils that are not only functional, but that are pleasing to the eye.  A mixer can beat the egg whites into a meringue just as well when it is lime green as opposed to something the color of Cream of Wheat.  Have some fun, add some color, or go the other way and take every drop of color out.  A totally white, or a silver and black palette can be stunning.  Your kitchen works hard and it is screaming for drama, something that says to the world, “the food cooked in this room may change your life”.  Make your kitchen a place you want to be after dinner is done and the dishwasher is running.  And while you’re there, put your feet up.  You work hard too.

Chick Days

CHICK DAYS ARE HERE!  Starting today and going through the weekend you can fill your coop with some of the fluffy stuff, and the amazing thing is – they all grow into egg laying hens!  Choose from Araucaunas, California Whites, Buff Orphingtons, Rhode Island Reds & Plymouth Barred Rock, and we’ll even have a few ducks. This is a favorite time of year at Pine Country Feed, so stop in for the party!

Common Ground

tack and feed storesFrom the very beginning it was you and her, no cell phones or staff meetings.  You and the one who understood that your soul was a priceless thing that deserved a moment of rest, a bit of understanding and a good amount of listening.  When all the others didn’t get it, walked away, shook their heads the two of you stood by, undaunted, knowing that your answers would not be found on the bottom line, or even in the policy report but on the solitary journey, through the field, over the ridge to your point of perspective, where reality waits.  The place you go together to remember what actually matters, and why you bother with all of this in the first place.  She always knows right where to go, exactly what you need to find that place inside that assures you that you know what you’re doing, that you knew all along.  She takes you to the place where you can believe again.

She’s Got Legs

cowgirl boutique in PineGirls!  Girls!  Girls!  The Pine Country Feed Cowgirl Boutique has the latest in leg wear – graphic tights and stockings, with socks that match or not so much.  It is the newest rage in fashion chic and perfect worn with a skirt, or shorts and chunky boots.  Pair the look with a belted sweater and you are on the fashion forward track to comfortable, “can’t get enough”, style.  There are piles of colors and patterns to choose from and they are made to be mixed to suit your mood.  They provide a great break from the usual winter garb, and what a fun way to show off those fabulous legs of yours without getting frost bite.  Pass this along to your Valentine and let him know that we are giving free, yes FREE, gift wrap on Valentine’s purchases, and we promise, while he’s here we’ll make sure he sees our stunning jewelry, watches and handbags, also gift wrappable and perfect for the girl of his dreams.


valentine's day ideasIf you haven’t thought about it, it’s time you did.  Valentine’s Day is February 14th, like it is every year, and that means it is coming quickly.  Since it is indeed the same date every year, there are no real excuses for forgetting.  People who forget anniversaries or birthdays are thoughtless, but the ones who forget Valentine’s Day have no excuses.  They are mean.  The great thing about this holiday is that it doesn’t revolve around how much you spend but rather around the fact that you thought of another person, be it your grandmother, your best friend, the guy who runs the toll booth, or your sweetheart.  Treat your loved one to your creative genius by giving a handmade card with glitter and ribbons.  Bake heart shaped cookies and frost them with pale pink icing – put them in a basket with a half pound of your favorite coffee blend.  Give your spouse one heart shaped item for every year you have been married and it doesn’t have to be expensive – soaps, candles, notepads, earrings – can all be found in heart shapes, and placed in a tissue lined heart shaped box, they will be a treasure.  Try to remember that there is nothing worse than not being thought of on the day Americans set aside for love, so remember them all.  The best Valentine you will ever receive is the one you give yourself when you show that you care.