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You Are In Our Thoughts

As many of you know, Colorado has had a weekend of heart-break and sadness.  There are no words that can be used to descried how senseless the Aurora theater shooting was.  There are many people who are heartbroken, traumatized, and injured because of what happened last Friday in theater nine.  There is no way to understand why or how something like this can happen and it is hard to move on knowing the pain people are dealing with today.  My family and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and today we would like to offer our condolences to all those affected by this horrific event.  Our thoughts, prayers, and sympathies are with the victims of this tragedy.


Horse of My Heart

tack and feed stores in coloradoHorses are often called upon for a variety of therapeutic reasons, and one of the most inspiring is the Excelsior Youth Center in Aurora, Colorado that uses Equine therapy for girls who have suffered great rejection and abuse in their young lives.  It hasn’t been defined scientifically, but there seems to be something in the horse that makes them know when they are dealing with a fragile damaged being who needs their gentle assurance.  The horses develop relationships with their riders, making the girls feel worthwhile and yes, even loved.  As the director puts it, having this great beast waiting for you, happy to have you back, acknowledging that they know you, gives these girls whose young lives have offered little security a chance to trust again.  The teachers and counselors at the center are continually amazed at the healing that the work with the horses encourages in the girls, and the girls make it clear they have found a place with their four legged friend where they are safe. The Excelsior Youth Center houses and educates over 100 girls currently and their equine program is in jeopardy for lack of funds.  There are those who can help.   If you are one, we invite you to visit and invest in something that counts.

What Time is It?

tack and feed stores in colorado


We’re thinking it’s time to believe!

Are We Cold Yet?

cowgirl boutiqueShiver if you must, but it won’t help.

Color Me Paisley

where to buy cowgirl tuff jeansSometimes we just have to talk about our favorites and there is no question that Brad Paisley is one of our favorites.  We are pretty fond of cowboys as a rule, but this cowboy has won a place in our hearts and it looks like it is here to stay.  Some people are just meant for the hats and boots, and Brad is definitely one of them, add the guitar and you have one the best representations of what we love about the west, about country music and about America hands down.  Brad Paisley is a family man, a talented singer, song writer, and an over the top, the only guy allowed to play Santana’s guitar, guitarist.  When you’re listening to his music and there is an interlude that sounds like a marching band has suddenly joined the group and they’re all playing guitars, that’s Brad – just Mister Paisley having a little fun with the strings.  He has made the statement that he won’t perform a song he couldn’t sing in front of his grandmother and that seems like a good guideline – at least it’s working for him.  In 2010 Brad Paisley (and that is his real name) won the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year award, just adding to his career that boasts 25 breakout hits and 16 number one singles.

Perk, Drip, Press but Definitely Pour

Colorado tack and feed storeIf you don’t understand that many of life’s issues arise over want of a descent cup of coffee, it is time you learned.  When you’re sipping a brew with just the right heady aroma, and that extra soul soothing richness that can be found only in superior blends of freshly roasted beans, it is impossible to be angry with the person sitting across from you, as long as they are sharing in the ritual cup.  Sharing the luxury of artisan coffee, brewed to perfection puts things in perspective, makes a lot of pesky differences seem unimportant.  Will our worry improve the economy by even the slightest measure?  It will not.  Will traffic decrease by as much as an automobile if we are angry about it?  It will not.  Will having a cup of  exceptional coffee in the midst of a day that is over hectic and a world that is spinning out of control settle a mantle of peace over your soul and a sense of well-being in your heart?  It will. At Pine Country Feed we believe in bringing an injection of positive into the everyday whenever possible.   Look for your injection, arriving soon at Pine Country – coffee that will bring you joy!

Do it Right

tack and feed in ColoradoThe right pair of jeans is similar in importance to the right hair cut.  They have to fit properly, and comfort is a must, and it is best if they have that little something extra that says “now that’s a pair of jeans”.  Pine Country Feed gets the whole “jeans are my life” way of thinking and they carry a fabulous selection of just right, soft as butter denim duds that will put you on the cover of “got it goin’ on” magazine.  There are only a few things in life that can actually turn your attitude around in an instant but slipping into that perfect fit, with just the right amount of flair is one of them.  Pair your jeans with a perfectly feminine, astoundingly stylish cowgirl designer top and you will be ready to bring in the herd or go out on the town, or both.  Get out to Pine Country and see if you don’t fall in love, over and over again.