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Rope a Winner

So it’s your turn to host the clan for the Thanksgiving extravaganza and you’re trying to decide if there is a way to get the house in presentable “haven’t seen these people in a year” shape without tearing the whole place down and starting over.  The key to your success is in the details.  When you clean your house remove all of the current accent pieces, the ones you have had out since you moved into the house, and start fresh.  Clear the pillows from the petrified sofa and the colorless vase from the mantle and begin your adventure into tasteful, always inviting, cowgirl chic.  A pillow with leather fringe and a pounded metal, bling ridden receptacle for your mums will bring new life to the old walls, without the hours of work that you should spend making your pies.  Dress your house for the holiday in a way that will have them stopping and smiling and thinking how truly clever you are.  Pine Country Feed will set you up in a quick morning’s stop, and send you on your way with a treasure trove of wow!


Cowboy Stampede


Out on the range, when there’s nothing to answer but the call of the wild, and the only clock you have is shining overhead, things seem to make sense.  The little things start to matter more and all the other stuff kind of gets lost in the dust.

A Stitch in Time

In 1873, immigrants David Jacobs and Levi Strauss, combined their talents and resources and came up with a new phenomenon, called Waist Overhalls, more commonly known as jeans.  From this first creation of denim thread and metal rivets, the single most popular clothing item in the history the world has taken shape, and variations are endless.  Brilliant because of their durability and style, practical because they last forever and get the job done, jeans are synonymous with hard work and high fashion all at the same time.  When women finally started wearing “trousers” in the forties and then “slacks” in the fifties, a proper pair of women’s jeans weren’t far behind.  Cowgirl Tough Jeans have taken the jean world by storm, doing their well-fitting best to make women’s legs look longer, behinds firmer, and all with a sense of wild west chic.  Pine Country Feed has the good sense to carry a product that goes so far in making women’s fashion about comfort, style and ease of care.  Proud to carry the Cowgirl Tough brand, Pine Country is the place you’ll find a treasure around every corner.

The Joy of the Brew

Whether you prefer your coffee prepared by a sock of grounds thrown into a boiling tin pot over an open flame, or delicately encouraged to the height of flavor in a fine French press, it is an undeniable truth that coffee is the perfect blend of piping hot remedy and sheer spiritual experience.  A cup of coffee, brewed to perfection with just the right amount of thick cream can serve as the only solution to a day that has run amuck, working its magic in sips of aromatic assurance, quieting even the most annoying voices in your head.  Served after an enjoyable meal it will begin the evening with the grace and elegance of a string quartet, spreading its peaceful presence through body and mind like the music of a bygone era.  Whatever the occasion, there is a coffee to make it richer, which is why Pine Country
Feed is looking forward to the introduction of its own private label, mountain roasted blend with great anticipation.  A coffee blended with our deserving customers in mind.  Just one more way we are letting you know that you matter to us and we want you to be blissfully happy.

Coffee People Unite!

At Pine Country Feed we are lovers of anything that adds richness to our lives – great friends, mountain air, jeans that fit, and of course a great cup of coffee.  This week we are having a coffee tasting party to choose the signature roasts that will bear the name of Pine Country Feed and we can’t wait to introduce them to you.  We will be deciding the names of our roasts, and we would love your help.  If you have a great idea for a coffee name, and keep in mind we are going with a cowboy/cowgirl- Wild West theme, put it on our wall.  If we choose yours, you’ll receive a free pound of coffee and all of our deepest admiration.  So raise your cup and put on your thinking cap. Salut!

Kick it Up

How about taking some of that Wild West ingenuity and spicing up the office – the place where the same work gets done every day and the brain begins to atrophy.  We are told that the office requires professionalism and it does, but professional does not need to be synonymous with a “gee, I hope the parole board grants me an early release”.  There is no place where the manifestation of your personality is more important than in your office, because remember, you weren’t hired to fill a chair, or because you were exactly like the person they just got rid of.  They saw a spark in you, and you need to fan that ember into a nice warm fire that tells the people you work with that things are going to happen when you’re in the room, so they just better get ready.  Hang cowboy hats on the coat rack, and wear one from time to time, put a painting of a horse in a full out run on the wall opposite your desk.  It will remind you that there is life out there waiting for you.  Hang spurs on the doorknob and throw an Indian blanket over the leather side chair.  If someone questions whether or not you are behaving in a professional manner, explain that you absolutely are – a professional cowgirl.

Missing the Wild

So we have recently found the choices for big cinema entertainment wanting, and we have finally put our finger on the problem.  The movies tend to parade leading men across the screen who obviously spend a good portion of their time in the gym, not necessarily bad. But we are bothered by the fact that only a small handful of the real leaders could manage a ride on a horse.  They simply wouldn’t look right astride one of the glorious equines of the Hollywood 40s and 50s and we can’t even imagine most of them being able to get on the horse without major injury.  Cowboy movies, the real westerns that put the country west of the Mississippi on the map, needed men to be rugged, not fit necessarily, but tough, and since the horse has been removed as one of Hollywood’s main characters, that element of grit, of rock solid, take no prisoners, don’t make me pull my six shooter persona has faded to black.  There have been a few westerns in the past decade that have proven that there are a few of those boys left, but too few to our liking. Somehow being able to download the secrets of the defense department before the guy in the suit walks into the room just doesn’t give off the same aura as a man who can control his horse with the reigns in his teeth, riding at the speed of locomotion, while he wields both of his guns with the accuracy of a sharpshooter.  Imagine.