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Kick up Your Heels

western wearWeddings today are all about expressing the unique personalities of the Bride and Groom.  The charming and unexpected detail can make your wedding a lasting memory, and if you’re getting married in the mountains you have endless ways to make the day truly yours.  One of the great style elements that have emerged of late is the bride and her maids in cowboy bootsCowboy boots have become an iconic fashion statement unto themselves, but added to a wedding gown they turn into a flirty, all American show stopper.  The choices available are myriad, with something to suit every taste, and don’t overlook the comfort factor.  You will spend a good part of the day on your feet and a great pair of cowboy boots will not only look sleek and sassy, but will give your aching feet the break they deserve.  Getting married?  Go West – it’s where all the fun happens!


Daily Dose of Denim

Jeans are a powerful thing in this country.  Starting out as a work pant, they have become a fashion statement, a profession of rebellion, a coming of age, a girls-rule item of clothing that Americans just can’t get enough of.  We can wear them tight as a painted pole or loose with holes in all the right places.  We love them to look like they’ve been run over by an end loader, or so blinged out they stop the show on a dime.  They’re good with boots, or heels, or those little flat shoes that Cinderella used to wear, and they can even pull off barefoot and rolled up if the weather calls for it.  They help us make that all important statement that we really don’t care, we just look this great without trying, and they do it with attitude.  The right pair of jeans can turn a “why did I get out of bed” day into a “let’s go for a ride” evening and they are all American.  They were invented here for people who were going somewhere, digging in, taking the land and making it their own, and nothing has really changed.  Jeans are still for people with their feet on the ground, their dreams on a piece of paper in their wallet, and their hearts in the right place.