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Reminds Me

The rain this weekend was welcomed with open arms here in Colorado!  It was nice to enjoy a cool down and watch as the mountains found their green again!

As I listened to the rain in the evening on Saturday it took me back to when I was a little girl.  In the summer we spent many days with our grandma.  Without fail, as the afternoon turned into evening, the clouds would roll in.  The clouds had rain in them every time and before we knew it, there was a downpour outside.  This sparked chaos in the house!  Grandma would grab the tea kettle for hot water on the stove and my sister and I would get out three coffee cups and pour coco mix in.  We waited for the whistle to sound from the kettle, it seemed like it took ages to blow but finally there it went!  Grandma quickly poured the water

English: The Front Range of the Rocky Mountain...

English: The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is visible behind rain clouds in this aerial photograph shot over metropolitan Denver, Colorado, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

into the three waiting cups and my sister and I would stir in the mix and add a few marshmallows to each cup.

All three of us would take our cups outside onto the covered patio.  The rain was so loud!  I remember the smell of the rain on the grass, mixed with hot chocolate in my cup!  I remember the cool concrete on my legs as I sat cross-legged.

It was my favorite part of the day, my sister, me, and Grandma sitting on the patio, talking, giggling, and loving the summer rain!


Miracle Drug

Pine Country FeedThere are certain things in life you just have to know to be a true success.  Cornbread should always be baked in a cast iron skillet, people who don’t like dogs probably don’t like you either, and there is no day that can’t be improved by chocolate.  Be it gourmet, or the last grab when you’re about to check out at the Wal-Mart, that touch of wonderful will turn a questionable three into a ten within two bites.  There is a lot to be said for the taste and texture, the aroma is a highlight, but the real draw is the extravagance of eating pure luxury while you’re on your way home from work, or waiting for a movie to start, or before you do the dishes.  It is a relatively inexpensive way to say to the world, and even more to yourself, “I am choosing to do something that just makes me happy, and I may decide to do it again tomorrow”.  It might have almonds, or toffee, or caramel, but the chocolate is the thing that puts it above the level of snack, way beyond the concept of treat, and takes it all the way to a spiritual experience.   Our advice is simple.   Whatever your station in life, choose to do the right thing, and make it a chocolate kind of day.

Refined Sipping

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d'une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have decided that coffee, at times, should be sipped, not from oversized mugs that give the drinker a wrist cramp, and certainly not from an ecologically sound recyclable cup made from previously recycled materials that were retrieved from landfill in a third world country, but from an actual porcelain cup with a saucer, accompanied by a small spoon for stirring and perhaps a chocolate cookie that is wrapped in wax paper.  Have we become so enamored by our brew that we have come to overlook the joy of the ceremony, the ritual of stopping and drinking coffee in quiet contemplation, letting the steam cloud our specs, and the aroma waft thoughtfully above our head.  Next time you get a coffee let it be an event, a moment of non-moving time, when your soul can gather itself in calm, heartwarming repose.  Ask your coffee guru to add saucered cups to their repertoire, and if they don’t know what you’re talking about, go somewhere else.

A Note From Home

An aerial section of snow-covered Rocky Mounta...

Image via Wikipedia

As I was driving home this evening the snow started to fall.  I walked in the house, there were clean clothes waiting to be folded in the dryer, the dishwasher was full of clean dishes and the sink was full of dirty ones.  The house was gray from a day full of emptiness.   I turned a light on in the family room and headed to the kitchen to take care of the dishes. 

Three day old dishes are less than appetizing and as I was scraping an onion of a plate I realized I was missing some ingredients I needed for dinner.  I sighed and stopped a moment.  I stared at the sink along with its coffee stains then looked up and out my window.  Suddenly I felt my stress from the day melt off.  The snow was falling just like that of a movie, I looked down to my side to see my dog looking at me lovingly. 

The coffee pot had some left-over coffee from this morning so I grabbed a mug and poured a cup.  While it heated in the microwave I finished the dishes, put on some music, and smiled. 

I went and got my coffee, my fingers wrapped around the warm cup.  The day had been a bit tough, things didn’t go as I planned and my responsibilities seemed over whelming but I was standing, looking out my sliding glass door with my best four legged friend beside me, a warm glow from the family room light behind me, music floating the through the air, looking out into the glory and majesty of an evening in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and I was home. 

I… was home.