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Fashion Wise

English: Wyatt Earp in the mid-1870s wearing a...

English: Wyatt Earp in the mid-1870s wearing a business suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hate for things to come down to appearance, but on some level, your image will affect your ability to gain clientele.  How you look needs to match what you do.  A person selling construction materials would look silly showing up at a site in high heels and a business suit.  By the same token, your best attire for a board room meeting with a CEO and his lender is unquestionably something from Joseph A. Banks.  If you clean houses for a living and you pull up in a car that has moss growing on the grill and remnants of last week’s lunch in the back seat, you might be throwing up a red flag as to your competence.  If you are an interior designer for high end business offices but when you meet with your client you’re wearing snagged polyester pants and a tube top, their confidence is going to wane.  You don’t have to have a lot of clothes, but a well cut business suit and shoes that gleam will tell your investment clients that you spend your money wisely and tastefully and you will do the same with theirs.  We live in the west so embrace it.  A skirt and jacket from Pine Country Cowgirl Boutique, accessorized with one of their fabulous handbags will help you present your professional best without looking stuffy and never underestimate the power of a great hair cut.  A cut that suits you and has a clean, unfussy look tells people you put your money where it counts, and you count more than anything else in your business.


Cowboy Forever

If you’re beside yourself trying to decide what to be for Halloween, worry no more.  Be a cowboy, in a long duster and hat with boots and spurs, and it might be helpful if you could pack a six shooter.  It is said that houses that have been converted from barns to houses are often haunted by cowboys of the early west.  They are never mean or scary; they just kind of reside in the barn/house harmlessly watching over the place.  People who lived in one such house said that they often heard spurs jangling on the hardwood floor, and there was a distinct smell of horses and hay and well worn tack in the kitchen.  One woman, awake in the early hours of the morning, saw one of the duster clad apparitions walking down the hallway between her living room and dining room and as he passed he looked her way and tipped his hat then vanished through the back door.  It’s good to know that true to form, the cowboy, even a ghost of a cowboy, is friendly and polite even when he is haunting a house.  Have a great Halloween weekend!

Misfit Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe has been hailed as an American Icon and all time greatest sex symbol, and did over the course of her career play many roles suited to a beautifully, confused blonde in search of a man.  She spent much of her time in movies frustrated by her “type-cast” opportunities, always looking for the role that would make her a “serious actor”.  Hollywood loved to dress her in high heels, chiffon and red lipstick, which is why it is interesting that when she finally appeared in a movie that asked more of her than the presentation of a pretty face, she performed almost entirely in a pair of jeans.  In 1960 Monroe starred in The Misfits, a screen adaptation of her then husband Arthur Miller’s play.  The movie didn’t do well at the box office, since American movie goers are very often poor at accepting our stars in a role that isn’t what we’ve come to expect.  It was the last movie Monroe ever made, her health waning, and her broken heart somehow irreparable, she gave herself to this final effort in a way she had never dared before.  Later, by several years, critics took a new look at The Misfits and declared it possibly Monroe’s best work, certainly her most honest.  No chiffon or red lipstick, just jeans and boots – unpretentious, real-life clothing for a “serious actor”.

I Do

The view from the barn loft was one of her favorites.  The expansive open play of the ranch mingled with the smells of dry hay and horse sweat made her think that maybe the world wasn’t changing as quickly as she thought.  There was something about the feel of her boots against the dusty floorboards that made her know she could stand regardless of the onslaught.  From the barn loft she could gain perspective and maybe make sense of the big world out there, sure that regardless of where life took her, the barn would still stand, straight as a reed, weathered and worn and true.  The new days ahead of her weren’t nearly so ominous when she viewed them from the loft.  They were just days, and they couldn’t change the fact of who she was, or what she believed, or where she was going, because when it came down to it, she was a country girl, raised on knowing the feel of good leather in your hand, your eyes shaded under your brim, the strength of a horses back under your jeans.  Wherever she went, she took those things with her, and she would take them today.

Drink Your Milk

Realize that you are smarter than you think, braver than you realize and full of the wisdom of a hundred years.  You will do great things because the greatness the world is looking for resides in you, and when the day comes that your remarkable nature is required to deliver, you will shine brighter than the star you wished on last night.  Cowgirls are made of a combination of adorable and brilliant, making you an unstoppable force.

Just West of Reality

When the “Western” faded from television the reasons were obvious.  People wanted to see car chases, not posses, and it became unfashionable to shovel beans and slabs of pork into your mouth without thought of your cholesterol reading.  The concept of running your own ranch without benefit of a tax accountant, or a single sheriff and his deputy representing the entire law enforcement structure of a town became unfathomable to a world connected by their thumbs to the four corners of the earth.  Sitting around a campfire swilling down the last of the coffee without a cell phone interrupting the conversation is no longer a reality in our world.  But somehow with the endless police dramas on television today, there isn’t anything that quite measures up to that click of the revolver pulled from the holster, and Sheriff Matt Dillon saying “you’re coming with me to Dodge”, and the crook just knew he was done, and better than that, so did we.

Ram Tough

                Real cowboys age to perfection.