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Eating Right from the Garden

For a refreshing summer side dish whip up this easy Corn and Tomato Salsa Salad.  It is healthy, fresh and colorful and will go with any grilled meat or light pasta dish.

Steam three ears of corn in the microwave in about a quarter cup of water for six minutes.  Olathe Sweet Corn is the best, but whatever corn you use, make sure the kernels are small and tender.  After steaming run the ears under cold water until they are easy to handle.  Break the ears in half and slice corn from the cob.

Combine corn with one small chopped white onion, four Roma tomatoes chopped in one inch pieces, and two ripe avocados cut into cubes.  Sprinkle with garlic salt, course ground black pepper and a touch of dried parsley, then stir everything together and serve.  This can be eaten as a salad or with chips and is best prepared right before serving.  For a nice variation add one can of fully drained black beans and a finely chopped, seeded and rinsed jalapeño.



It isn’t that it gets great mileage, because it doesn’t, or that you’ve got some kind of hang up about the wheels you get around in.  It’s that when you’re behind the wheel of the midnight blue, 1951 Ford Pick-up you feel like you belong, like the direction you’re going might actually lead to something.  There is a comfort in knowing that your truck has been around longer than you have, and it still turns heads as it drives Main Street.  Parked on the springy leather bench seat, windows down, stick shift waiting for your next command, makes it all seem real, like the things we commit ourselves to every day make a difference in the long run.  Having a thing that has lasted through decades of change and the evolution of the truck into a monolith on wheels is reassuring, and it’s right to cherish something that has given over three hundred thousand miles and still purrs on idle.  So turn on the radio and move on down the road.  You and the Ford are going places today, and you may never come back.

Out with the Old

March is the signal that spring will indeed be coming.  There are no promises of when but it is generally understood that if we have gotten through the serious winter months March will probably throw us a couple icy spring storms with really heavy snow, but we will also start to see some days warm enough for sweaters.  It isn’t advisable to put the mittens away completely, but you can probably take them off the string around your neck.  With the prospect of spring comes the desire in most hearts to get into shape, to get organized and to get busy with some new projects.  It is the time of year when we invest our energies into accomplishing something in and around our homes, with the hope that when the summer warmth is upon us we will be able to maximize our outdoor hours.  We suggest starting with getting organized, and that is best accomplished with a reward system.  Every time you clean out a closet, you get to purchase something new for your house or yourself as a reward.  Clean out your clothes closet, get a new blouse; clean out your cupboards, get a new set of dishes; clean out your barn, get a new horse; your garage, new car.  You get the idea.  The main thing to remember is that you are not being extravagant, you are reaping the benefits of springtime productivity.  It’s our system and we’re sticking to it.

A Side of Glam

What could be better than a store where you can by feed for not only your horse or your dog, but you can get groceries for your goat, your bird, your chickens and your llama?  Nothing, unless you could also buy a pair of sterling silver earrings, and perhaps a designer handbag, and what about a hand tooled saddle and some killer jeans, and a rug made of hand tied leather strips.  Pine Country Feed is not your ordinary feed and tack store.  It is a feed and tack and dog toy and cowgirl fashion and home accessory and turquoise bracelet watch store.  Stop in for pellets for your stove then take a gander upstairs and see if you don’t find the belt of your dreams and some handmade natural soap to go with it.  Pine Country Feed offers you an eclectic, “I have to have that” shopping experience and it all comes together with a big “welcome you home” atmosphere where you can shop for your horse and your wife in one fell swoop.  Brilliant!

Let’s Go Old School!

A Dairy Crest Semi-Skimmed Milk Bottle.

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Let’s go old school for a minute.  We all know that we all are going green.  We want to be respectful and aware of the world we live in, I have no issue with that and in fact, I support that very much but let’s consider something for just a second.  Think back 40 years ago, think about the things we had and didn’t have.  If you think about it, we may have been more “Green” back then and the birth of recycling actually occurred in the 1960’s, not in 2000 something.  Here are a few examples I remember from my childhood that I would live to carry on.

  • The Milk Bottle– When we were kids we got our milk in glass bottles and we used them over and over and over again.  We never considered throwing a milk bottle out, we needed it for next week’s delivery!
  • Our Clothes– Our clothes were worn by nearly every child in the family at one point in time and when they finally were ready to go on to glory, Mom and Grandma sat in the middle of the den, their “stories” on TV, and a stitched together the colorful memories that now make up the quilt that covers my guest bedroom bed.  
  • A Paper Bag– A paper bag was not just a bag the groceries came home in.  They were later spread out to hold newly baked chocolate chip cookies or they artfully covered every school book I ever carried in my backpack.
  • That Old Brown Telephone– When we were kids, we had a phone, that hung on the wall, that we had to actually get up off the couch to answer.  We had that phone on the wall for 25 years.  When it finally came down, it promptly went to the kids play room at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house, where it still makes many a “call”.