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Proudly We Stand

As tough as times have been of late, right now is a proud time to be an American.  We are always proud of our country and what it stands for, but today we are more than proud, we are awed, literally standing back and catching our breath, holding our hand to our throat, tears in our eyes, impressed with what our fighting forces have done.  They have completed a ten year mission with the panache and expertise that will be studied for years as the “way to get it done”, and they have done it in the way that Americans have done it successfully for years – as a team.  We are always best when we join forces, when we stand together resolved to accomplish a thing, when we say we are Americans first.  It is then that we are undefeatable, that our goal cannot be denied, that our success is a matter of course.  Pine Country Feed salutes our military and especially Navy Seals Team 6 for being the best at what they do, and for doing it with the spirit of the America we love.


National Velvet

“We’re alike. I, too, believe that everyone should have a chance at a breathtaking piece of folly once in his life. I was twenty when they said a woman couldn’t swim the Channel. You’re twelve; you think a horse of yours can win the Grand National. Your dream has come early; but remember, Velvet, it will have to last you all the rest of your life.”

Mrs. Brown to Velvet Brown – National Velvet made in 1944

The Presidents

“I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”  Abraham Lincoln

Fly Valentine!

Winter can be a harsh reality for everyone, but for the local bird population winter can be catastrophic.  Many of our feathered friends don’t migrate for the winter, but stay and deal with the meager winter conditions.  Martha Stewart Living Magazine says that putting up a bird feeder is “like inviting several guests to dinner”.  They come expecting food and they will be back hoping for more later.  Pine Country Feed is keeping the avian population in mind this month by offering 15% off on all bird feeders and the purchase includes bird seed.  There is an attractive array of easy to hang feeders to choose from at Pine Country, and while you’re choosing yours you’ll have a chance to peruse the tempting choices of jewelry, clothing and home accessories in the gift shop.  Pine Country Feed is the perfect marriage of your ranch and feed supplies and that certain something you’ve been pining for.  Feed the birds and treat yourself this February.  Everyone is a Valentine at Pine Country.

Come the White Horse

Say the word thunder and an image of skies flashing and clouds crashing come to mind, but around here, in Bronco Country, say the word Thunder and an eleven year old white Arabian, and the mascot for the Denver Broncos comes into view.  It is only natural that Denver would name their team the Broncos, which refers to “bronco busting,” which is when a cowboy deliberately seats himself on the back of horse that does not in any way want him there.  The goal is to stay on the horse for eight seconds, not a long time, unless you’re being tossed in the air by a twelve hundred pound animal that is literally frantic to land you in the next county.  This image works both for Colorado and the Broncos because we are all about taking chances, thundering hooves, muscled chests and flaring nostrils, and when we think of Thunder we think of the white, sleek Arabian that races out of the portal on a Sunday afternoon to the roaring crowds of Invesco Field.  Thunder represents that undying belief that lives in the heart of every Bronco fan, that regardless of last week’s outcome, we are winners and we will again be on top, because that is what we do in Colorado.  We change the plan, get creative, believe like a bunch of kids, plant both feet firmly on the ground, work it like we mean it, knowing that tomorrow is another day and we’ll be there, ready to win, and happy to shout about it.  Saddle up, Thunder, we are ready to ride!

Just Brush off the Dust

The huge misunderstanding about cowboys is mostly Hollywood’s fault and it all stems from fashion.  When they tried to make people like Sylvester Stallone play a cowboy, you know they were reaching and they missed the mark completely.  Real “cowboyism” has to go back to Gary Cooper and John Wayne who walked as though they were born astride a saddle, and talked as though they considered communication a courtesy, but not anything to get too excited about.  The key was, they always wore the same clothes.  Jeans and vests and shirts that buttoned, and no matter how long they had been on a cattle drive, or how many gunslingers they had faced, they never saw a need to change their clothes.  They seemed to need the dirt and the frayed edges to keep their gun belts in place.  Unless they were going to meetin’ (church) they pretty much kept to their boots and their belts and the jeans that were broken in to the point of actually having a distinctive shape, like other people’s shoes, you couldn’t loan them to anyone else because your imprint had taken over.  Awards were never given by the Academy for the costuming in a real western, but that was the whole point.  When you walked out of the theatre you couldn’t remember what the stars were wearing, but you never forgot their hard lined, squint into the sun faces.  They were cowboys, and they were the real thing.

Two Days!!! It’s Shock Show Time People!!

National Western Stock Show Parade - 17th Stre...

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Just two days left until the NATIONAL WESTERN STOCK SHOW rolls into town.  This event is one of the best Denver has to offer.  Here is some great information about it!! We hope to see you there!!!!!!

History-  See how the National Western Stock Show has changed over the years by browsing our timeline from 1899 to 2010. Here are some excerpts:

1906 First show opened on Monday January 29 and ran for six days. Attendance was estimated at 15,000 and the Grand Champion steer sold for 33 cents a pound, 23 cents over the market price!
1932 The 25th National Western presented the first Rodeo in conjunction with the Livestock and Horse Show.
1954 The Westernaires made their first appearance at the Rodeo.
1981 The show increased to 12 days and included 21 Rodeo performances. A still-standing record of $301,000 was paid at auction for a Hereford bull.
2006 National Western celebrates its 100th anniversary! The show’s attendance reached 726,972 for the 16-day show and the grand champion steer sold for $75,000 or $58 per pound!

Just a Little Taste- See what’s happening all week long! Here’s just a sample!

Children Free!!
January 8-14, 2011

Free Children’s Grounds Admission 1/8-1/14 with voucher from any Guaranty Bank and Trust. (restrictions apply)
Click here for locations

$15,000 Dodge RAM Invitational Freestyle Reining Sunday, January 9
Beautiful spins and powerful stops mingled with original costumes and musical themes make this one of the National Western Stock Show’s hottest tickets! For more info

PBR Denver Chute-Out Bull Riding, January 10-12!
90 of the world’s best bull riders compete for more than $50,000 by staying on top of 1800 lbs of muscle for 8 seconds
Buy tickets now!

PRCA Rodeos
See Dates/Times

Activities for Kids
Backstage with a Rodeo Clown, Stick Horse Rodeos, Square Dancers, Top Hogs, Pedal Tractor Races and more much! Click here for schedules

How to get there-  The National Western Complex is located just east of I-25 on I-70 and is easily accessible by taking the Brighton Blvd. or Coliseum exits.

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216

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