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Let Me Call You Sweetheart

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We’ve been anticipating its arrival and now it is upon us.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and you are feeling that great sense of panic, because it is a widely known fact that men are not the only people who leave their shopping for the last minute.  Take heart, we’ve got you covered.  We have cowboy hats, denim dusters, spurs, bolo ties, knives, animal hide throws and some rockin’ signs that will help him bring a little of the ranch to his stuffy old office.   There is a lot to look at and inspire you because we believe in romance at Pine Country Feed and we can help you get yours in place without even breathing hard.  So stop in and we’ll get you saddled up for your best ever Valentine’s Day and a refreshing recharge for your epic romance.


Welcome Home

Walk down the street and have the bank president come running out to tell you hello.  Bring home an Aspen tree from the nursery and have two neighbors and the guy at the stop light tell you the best way to plant it.   Take your dog along when you cash a check at the drive up at the bank, and find a milk bone in the money tube when it comes back.  When you stop into your favorite coffee shop find the barista standing behind the counter with your favorite drink freshly made and waiting for you.  It’s called living in the mountains, where we do business with our friends and our neighbors become family, and if the snow on your drive is over a foot high you’ll have a line of people waiting to help you dig out.  We might need our coats and boots in May, but we may be out in shirtsleeves in mid-December, because once in a while we have those “just like spring” days just before Christmas.  We love living here, and we love the other people who love living here, because people who make their lives in the mountains have found a place they call home and it’s a home we are all privileged to share.

Fly Valentine!

Winter can be a harsh reality for everyone, but for the local bird population winter can be catastrophic.  Many of our feathered friends don’t migrate for the winter, but stay and deal with the meager winter conditions.  Martha Stewart Living Magazine says that putting up a bird feeder is “like inviting several guests to dinner”.  They come expecting food and they will be back hoping for more later.  Pine Country Feed is keeping the avian population in mind this month by offering 15% off on all bird feeders and the purchase includes bird seed.  There is an attractive array of easy to hang feeders to choose from at Pine Country, and while you’re choosing yours you’ll have a chance to peruse the tempting choices of jewelry, clothing and home accessories in the gift shop.  Pine Country Feed is the perfect marriage of your ranch and feed supplies and that certain something you’ve been pining for.  Feed the birds and treat yourself this February.  Everyone is a Valentine at Pine Country.

Blissful Basic- Get Excited!

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As the New Year kicks off, many of us have set New Year’s Resolutions.  I am all for goal setting but only if I actually have a real shot at reaching my goal.  So many people want to lose weight, make more money, spend time with family, all fine goals but chances are good that they will be making those same resolutions next year.  I don’t want a re-do in 2012 so I have decided to do things a little differently this year.  I am going back to basics.  My first blissful basic for 2011 is…


Happiness for me is excitement.  I am most happy when I am looking forward to something or really motivated to get something done.  Excitement about what the day holds whether it be, getting out some great new things in the gift shop, wearing an awesome pair of new jeans, a afternoon horseback ride, or a night out with the ladies, gets me jumping out of bed in the morning. 

Getting up with a smile on my face and rushing around to get ready because I am so excited to get the day started, is how things should be.  That’s how life should be. 

So today, my blissful basic is this.  Find something every day you can be excited about.  Find something that puts a smile on your face and gets you jumping out of bed in the morning.  It may be a cup of coffee with a friend, a beer with the guys, a lunch date with your husband, or a timeless John Wayne movie.  Whatever it is for you…