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Upstairs and Downstairs

wild bird feedAt Pine Country Feed we are particular about the brands we carry.  We are proud to stock Purina, Mazuri, Manna Pro and Kent to help keep your equine companion healthy and well nourished.  We carry small pet feeds like Evo, Active Care, Red Flannel and Pinnacle to name only a few, and it doesn’t stop there.  Our wild bird products include suet, black oil sunflower, nyjer and hummingbird oil as well as some adorable, functional birdhouses and feeders for your yard.  We talk a lot about our cowgirl boutique because we love to bring you the best and brightest in western wear and home décor, and the same goes for the feed store.  Only best for the best people we know – our fabulous customers!


By Any Other Color

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchencooking, eating, doing dishes, drinking coffee, eating again – and it needs to be a place we feel called to, a room that tells us we are home.   Sometimes we get so busy thinking of the kitchen as a “utility” room that we forget to make it work aesthetically.  On the flip side, a kitchen that suffers from décor overload can make us feel disorganized and stressed.  The kitchen does have to support the work that goes on there, but it should also be pleasing to the eye.   Martha Stewart who simply refuses to work in a kitchen that is anything less than beautiful , suggests an investment in small appliances, bake ware and utensils that are not only functional, but that are pleasing to the eye.  A mixer can beat the egg whites into a meringue just as well when it is lime green as opposed to something the color of Cream of Wheat.  Have some fun, add some color, or go the other way and take every drop of color out.  A totally white, or a silver and black palette can be stunning.  Your kitchen works hard and it is screaming for drama, something that says to the world, “the food cooked in this room may change your life”.  Make your kitchen a place you want to be after dinner is done and the dishwasher is running.  And while you’re there, put your feet up.  You work hard too.

Earth Maven

Do something today to celebrate the fresh new world just outside your window.  Dig something into the dirt besides the heel of your boot and start a revolution of color and expansive thinking.  Invest yourself in the sheer frivolity of flowers.  Nothing for eating, no profit involved, doesn’t count as self improvement, just roots plunked into the soil and splashes of bright, cultivated joy coming out on top.  Put in your favorites without a lot of thinking, and absolutely no diagrams, then add some water, and direct a bit of sun their way and wink at their soft brilliant faces whenever you pass by and see what happens.  The miracle of seeds in the ground being coaxed to their beautiful splendor can do more to lift your spirits than any number of books about “being your best you”, and the fabulous part is that they aren’t really good for anything but enjoyment.  Simple beauty and the wonder of floral extravagance – a garden of delights.

New and Better

Spring has been sprung for quite some time now, and despite the fact that the weather isn’t actually cooperating, it is time to freshen everything with a touch of creativity – your wardrobe, your breath, and certainly your abode.  Don’t panic.  This isn’t a cue to repaint and buy all new furniture, this is just an inexpensive dressing up that will make your room feel new and young again – the difference between a face lift and a new haircut.  Pillows are a great start, leather pillows bejeweled with fringe and turquoise, and a faux fur throw in stunning white, and rustic crockery for the sunflowers that grow wild on the hill outside your back door.  A couple new coffee table books and a barn wood tray, set with colored glass jars and a clay chicken, and don’t forget the bottle of jelly beans with the metal floral stopper.  String a beaded garland with metal stars over the doorway and you’ll feel like your living room is brand new – and yeah, Pine Country has everything you need.  Bold, brave, beautiful!

As Far as the Eye Can See

There is a place in your house where nearly every person who enters your home will at least see, and many of them will spend some time, and that is the bathroom.  Don’t let your bathroom be an afterthought in relationship to the rest of the rooms by filling it with nothing but towels and toilet paper.  Let the theme of your household décor carry over to this probably smallest, but most important of rooms.  Tie in your rustic chic with a wiry beaded garland over the mirror with rusted iron stars intermingled amongst the twists and turns.  Switch plates, soap dishes, towel racks and hooks for jackets or bath robes come in a variety of themed fashions that can dress your room in everything from wrought iron twigs to horseshoes.  Why not stuff a basket with fluffy towels and a fringed leather pillow, and don’t forget the lighting.  Shades trimmed out in leather laces, or embedded with malachite and jet will bring the flair to the room that you’re looking for.  Tooled leather, pounded tin, rough hewn wood – all textures that can serve as art on the walls.  An interesting distraction can be the perfect touch in a small room, and perhaps exactly what the doctor ordered.