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A Fall Rain


Autumn (Photo credit: blmiers2)

There is something about a fall rain that makes the mountains come alive.  The colors are richer~ the greens are greener, the browns are browner, the golds are golder.  The bark on the trees are a deep chocolate, the pine needles are washed and prefect forest green.  The grasses glow with a soft yellow that autumn brings to them and the silvery clouds seem to hold the color to the mountain side.

I love fall, I love the smells, colors, and textures.  It’s time to get the boots out for everyday wear.  It’s time to get the sweaters out for those cool evenings.  It’s time to get out the jackets with the fur on the collar for the extra bit of cozy.  It’s time to get out the scarves, one in every color of course, for those afternoon walks through town.

Fall evenings are filled with Grandma’s hand-made quilts and a cup of coffee.  Fall bring the warmth of a fire in the fireplace, the smell of ginger snap cookies in the oven, and the glow of a cozy fall evening in the mountains after the rain.


Day to Remember

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

We call this day Memorial Day because we are meant to remember the people in our lives who have been lost to death.  We deem remembering so important, in fact, that we have set aside a whole day, for thinking of the people in our lives who have crossed the threshold into eternity.  The day seems to be spent, often with family and friends, cooking outdoors, sharing some pre-summer sun, perhaps working in the yard.  All of those things are worth doing and we wish everyone safety and fun in their endeavors, but we wish everyone something else.  If on this day you have a lost someone you are thinking of, we hope that your thoughts will be filled with joy, with memories of all they meant to you, with laughter for all the funny times that life throws our way, with tears for the days you wish you could talk to them just one more time, with contentment for knowing that you have loved someone enough to carry them in your heart always.  Pine Country Feed wishes you a happy and memorable Memorial Day!

Then there is This

PIne Country FeedWarm weather is the call of the day – the time when faces turn to the sun and hearts to the carefree days of late spring.  Coffee on the porch in the early morning, a mid afternoon venture through the back pasture astride the mare that always knows just how you feel, the first taste of quiet, breezy evenings when the sun seems reluctant to sink behind the hills.  We are determined this year to experience the moments instead of the seasons, to relish the whispers and cling to the reminders that life is a fleeting fancy that should be treasured for its possibilities.  We are blessed with the wealth of family and friends and the joy of today and we wish all of you the wonder and warmth of the late, sweet spring.

By Any Other Color

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919

An old Cream of Wheat box, circa 1919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spend a lot of time in the kitchencooking, eating, doing dishes, drinking coffee, eating again – and it needs to be a place we feel called to, a room that tells us we are home.   Sometimes we get so busy thinking of the kitchen as a “utility” room that we forget to make it work aesthetically.  On the flip side, a kitchen that suffers from décor overload can make us feel disorganized and stressed.  The kitchen does have to support the work that goes on there, but it should also be pleasing to the eye.   Martha Stewart who simply refuses to work in a kitchen that is anything less than beautiful , suggests an investment in small appliances, bake ware and utensils that are not only functional, but that are pleasing to the eye.  A mixer can beat the egg whites into a meringue just as well when it is lime green as opposed to something the color of Cream of Wheat.  Have some fun, add some color, or go the other way and take every drop of color out.  A totally white, or a silver and black palette can be stunning.  Your kitchen works hard and it is screaming for drama, something that says to the world, “the food cooked in this room may change your life”.  Make your kitchen a place you want to be after dinner is done and the dishwasher is running.  And while you’re there, put your feet up.  You work hard too.

Colorado Moms Matter

pine country feedIf you’re getting ready for mother’s day, and you certainly should be by now, plan for mom’s day like she has done for you so many times in your life.  Make it all about her with breakfast in bed, time on the deck to read a book or thumb through those magazines that are stacking up by the sofa, the DVD player with the old black and white movie that always makes her cry, her favorite dessert on a China plate, and a gift that is truly just for her.  The jewelry, belts, bags and watches at Pine Country Feed are not something you’d buy off a wall at a department store.  They are individual works of art so that you can choose the one for mom that says you know who she is and you’re proud of her, the one that tells her you realize that every woman has her own personal style and you think hers is pretty great.  Mom deserves the best, the thoughtfulness of a family who thinks she hung the moon.  Pine Country Feed wants to wish every mom a day of true delights and perfect joy!

Can You Hear It

raising your own chicksListen carefully and you’ll hear the song of spring at Pine Country Feed.  The Chicks are coming and they are cheaping up a storm.  You have always wanted to raise your own chicks and harvest your own eggs.  Martha Stewart claims there is nothing like a farm fresh egg for baking or making a meal and she is right.   So clean out your coop and reserve your brood.  Spring has sprung and it is soft and yellow!

Refined Sipping

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d'une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have decided that coffee, at times, should be sipped, not from oversized mugs that give the drinker a wrist cramp, and certainly not from an ecologically sound recyclable cup made from previously recycled materials that were retrieved from landfill in a third world country, but from an actual porcelain cup with a saucer, accompanied by a small spoon for stirring and perhaps a chocolate cookie that is wrapped in wax paper.  Have we become so enamored by our brew that we have come to overlook the joy of the ceremony, the ritual of stopping and drinking coffee in quiet contemplation, letting the steam cloud our specs, and the aroma waft thoughtfully above our head.  Next time you get a coffee let it be an event, a moment of non-moving time, when your soul can gather itself in calm, heartwarming repose.  Ask your coffee guru to add saucered cups to their repertoire, and if they don’t know what you’re talking about, go somewhere else.