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Aspen Creek Veterinary Hospital

Aspen Creek Veterinary Hospital treats equine clientele, llamas, alpacas, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs (including pot-bellied) in addition to comprehensive small animal service (dogs, cats, etc.). Mobile veterinary services, Animal Chiropractic, Animal Acupunture and Equine Dentistry Services are offered to clients in the foothill communities and all along Denver’s front range. Hospital services are available to all clients wishing to transport to our facility in Conifer.

 “How to become a veterinarian”
Saturday August 20th, 4:00 pm
Open to all ages, parents and adults encouraged to attend
RSVP appreciated but not required
Location: 23605 Oehlmann Park Rd, Conifer
For more information, call: 303-697-4864

– What’s it really like to be a veterinarian?
– What schooling is required?
– What should students be doing to prepare themselves for application?
– What other careers are available in the veterinary profession?
– Fun interactive activities




Spice Up the Ranch

When you’re having guests into your home for dinner, your primary goal should be to make them feel at home, which means making them feel they are guests in a place where they are totally comfortable.  Your table setting can do a lot to tell your guests that you are excited they are there, that you went to extra trouble, but that they are there to sit back and relax – no stuffiness allowed.  A “western” table setting can be anything from fun to formal, and hopefully a little bit of both.  Top a regular white dinner plate with a smaller plate of blue spatter wear, which you can get at Pine Country Feed, then pull a bandana through a napkin ring, also at Pine Country Feed, and set it atop the two.  At the top right corner of the setting place a goblet for wine or water, and get something with a little kick in it, like Pine Country Feed’s ranch stem wear.  You can cover your table with a red and white checked linens, or if you want to dress it up a bit place two leather runners, from Pine Country Feed, crosswise letting them serve at placemats.   Set the center of your table with flowers in a galvanized tin bucket, blinged out with rhinestones that you can find (say it with me) at Pine Country Feed.  There is a trend here.  If you haven’t been in, it’s time to shop at Pine Country Feed, where we help you bring the ranch home!

Cowboy Strong

What is it about us that makes us love a cowboy?  Maybe it’s because we think the truth is important, and pretention a waste of energy.  There is something right about the man who gets up in the morning knowing that his day will be full and his exhaustion at the end of it complete, that the people he cares about are counting on him to work the land and move the cattle despite the elements.  We like that he doesn’t try to impress us with his money or his education, because our opinion doesn’t really matter to him.  His goal is to look himself in the mirror every evening and know that he left everything he had on the range, and tomorrow he will get up and do it again, because it is just what he does.  Not to impress anyone, but because he wants to do it.  He cares about the land and the livestock and treating both of them with respect.  And when the sky grows dark and the ranch rests quietly he’ll sleep in his bed, knowing he did it right for another day, and every callous was worth it.

Cowboy Culture

So you’re wondering why in a world where speed and riches are everything I would choose to be a cowboy.  Why would I choose to work until I’m blistered and bruised and covered with dirt, and what is it about me that makes me think it’s okay to wear jeans for my work clothes and jeans for my church clothes and jeans when I take my best girl to dinner.  You wanna know why a guy like me, with a Masters Degree in Business, would spend long nights in the barn during calving season, and longer days in the winter getting hay to the herd on the upper forty, and why I would rather shake hands with a man whose palms are worn by the reins of a horse than one who has a cell phone attached to his ear.  You can’t figure what makes someone like me tear up when I see a soldier salute the flag and why I think of a summer afternoon on the porch as paradise, why I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without my hat.  The answer is a simple one, but it’s the only explanation I can think of.  Truth is … I was born this way.

When the Smoke Clears

The image of the cowgirl has changed over the years.  When Dale Evans used to ride side by side with Roy Rogers there was never a hair out of place, she was smiling, and her skirt came below her knee.  Fast forward to Sharon Stone in her 1995 western The Quick and the Dead, you have a gun slinging, rough and ready, still beautiful but never smiling modern cowgirl.  Dale’s western shirt and fringed vest have been replaced with a black denim duster and jeans that have not seen a washing machine in weeks.  Stone has let go of her romantic notions of riding with her favorite cowboy off into the sunset and replaced it with gunning down everyone who gets in her way.  There is one thing that hasn’t changed, however, and that is the strength of the woman of the west that all of us believe in.  Regardless of who does their hair or the color of their boots, the American cowgirl is a force of nature, confident and ready to take on the world.  When Dale road the trail with Roy she made it clear she could handle herself, she wasn’t going to trip and sprain her ankle on the rocks, and she could ride with any man.  Sharon Stone rides with that same confidence, a lot more grit, and a huge chip on her shoulder, but she, just like Dale Evans, is a consummate western woman, a woman to be reckoned with.

Fly Valentine!

Winter can be a harsh reality for everyone, but for the local bird population winter can be catastrophic.  Many of our feathered friends don’t migrate for the winter, but stay and deal with the meager winter conditions.  Martha Stewart Living Magazine says that putting up a bird feeder is “like inviting several guests to dinner”.  They come expecting food and they will be back hoping for more later.  Pine Country Feed is keeping the avian population in mind this month by offering 15% off on all bird feeders and the purchase includes bird seed.  There is an attractive array of easy to hang feeders to choose from at Pine Country, and while you’re choosing yours you’ll have a chance to peruse the tempting choices of jewelry, clothing and home accessories in the gift shop.  Pine Country Feed is the perfect marriage of your ranch and feed supplies and that certain something you’ve been pining for.  Feed the birds and treat yourself this February.  Everyone is a Valentine at Pine Country.

Let it Snow!

We have waited for winter to actually come and it is here – with bells on.  The snow is piling high and the temperatures are dropping low, which are the two extremes required to make winter in all its glory.  The roads seem to get plowed and sanded adequately, leaving the driveways blocking all means of passage.  What we need is Willard’s two Percherons with a sleigh attached, a pile of blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate.  We could fly like the wind over the mountain roads and think of ourselves as pioneer adventurers, reliant on our trusty steeds, and our wits, our only concern, whether or not the fire will still be burning in the fireplace when we get home.  There is something invigorating about the weather when it takes over our lives, reminding us that we don’t really have the say over the universe that we think we do, and that regardless of how busy we are, or how smart we are, if the snow is blocking the drive and making it impassable there is nothing to do for it but enjoy!