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All Hooves on Deck

So amidst the excitement of the Royal Nuptials one thing rang true at every turn.  The horses were the stars of the show.  As they pulled the carriages down the cobbled streets, winding their way through the throngs of well-wishers, standing at attention as they waited for their valuable cargo to load, never looking left or right, it was obvious they knew they carried a weighty responsibility and they knew the world was watching.  Horses, perhaps more than all other four legged creatures, seem to accept and respect their place in pageantry.  They have come to understand that there are important moments in life that simply can’t come off without their regal stature or their enduring strength.  They have led the charge in battle, carried the common and the elite, run the range, trotted the polo fields, raced the track, and danced under the lights and they do it every time as though they were born for the fanfare.  They seem to know, that despite the fuss being made over the royal couple, and the fact that the queen believes she is pulling the strings, they clearly realize that none of this happens without them.  They have carved their place in the pages of history and they aren’t going anywhere soon.  The equine kingdom reigns supreme!