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Colorado Moms Matter

pine country feedIf you’re getting ready for mother’s day, and you certainly should be by now, plan for mom’s day like she has done for you so many times in your life.  Make it all about her with breakfast in bed, time on the deck to read a book or thumb through those magazines that are stacking up by the sofa, the DVD player with the old black and white movie that always makes her cry, her favorite dessert on a China plate, and a gift that is truly just for her.  The jewelry, belts, bags and watches at Pine Country Feed are not something you’d buy off a wall at a department store.  They are individual works of art so that you can choose the one for mom that says you know who she is and you’re proud of her, the one that tells her you realize that every woman has her own personal style and you think hers is pretty great.  Mom deserves the best, the thoughtfulness of a family who thinks she hung the moon.  Pine Country Feed wants to wish every mom a day of true delights and perfect joy!


Organic Chicken Feed

Ranch Way Organic Feed

Poultry and his nutrition
Poultry and his nutrition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has come to Pine Country.  Pine Country Feed is proud to announce that we have become a Ranch Way Feed dealer which means we are carrying the Ranch Way Organic Chicken Feed.  The Ranch Way feeds are certified to be grown without chemicals or pesticides, on land that has been organic for at least three years.  The end result is a product that will give you healthier chickens, unfettered by harmful substances that are not only harmful to the chickens but to the people who eat their eggs.  Organic Chicken Feed, means healthier chickens, means better, healthier eggs, and it all starts for you at Pine Country Feed.  What kind of feed are your chickens eating?  It makes a huge difference.  What do you want to know about feeding your chickens?  We’re all ears.

A Stitch in Time

jeansIn 1873, immigrants David Jacobs and Levi Strauss, combined their talents and resources and came up with a new phenomenon, called Waist Overalls, more commonly known as jeans.  From this first creation of denim thread and metal rivets, the single most popular clothing item in the history the world has taken shape, and variations are endless.  Brilliant because of their durability and style, practical because they last forever and get the job done, jeans are synonymous with hard work and high fashion all at the same time.  When women finally started wearing “trousers” in the forties and then “slacks” in the fifties, a proper pair of women’s jeans weren’t far behind.  Cowgirl Tuff Jeans have taken the jean world by storm, doing their well-fitting best to make women’s legs look longer, behinds firmer, and all with a sense of wild west chic.  Pine Country Feed has the good sense to carry a product that goes so far in making women’s fashion about comfort, style and ease of care.  Proud to carry the Cowgirl Tuff brand, Pine Country is the place you’ll find a treasure around every corner.

Little Yellow Wonder

A day-old chick

Image via Wikipedia

It’s that time of year again when all hearts look forward with anticipation to chick days at Pine Country Feed.  Mark your calendars for April 13th – 15th, when the cheeping of the little yellow balls of fuzz will once again fill the air giving quick thinking individuals the chance to own a little piece of the farm – the egg producing part.  Let us warn you that last year all of the cutest chicks were gone within a couple hours, and they were all pretty cute, so don’t delay.  So set your clock and sweep out your coop – chick days at Pine Country Feed are about to hatch!

All the Way Down

cowgirl boutiqueJust a word about jeans – long.  They are meant to be long, stretching the full length of the leg, skimming the top of a boot and staying put when seated in a chair.  They don’t need tugging to get into place, they are made for long legs, or for short legs that long for length, and they are tailored to the cowgirl swagger.  Pine Country Feed carries only one kind of jean, several styles by companies like Cowgirl Tuff, True Grit and Ranch Royalty, but every one sports a pair of legs that will dress your two legs without a flash of so much as an ankle, because, let’s face it.  If they aren’t long enough they aren’t anything.