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Bulldogging Baby

Baby Doll Combs (record). Ball O’Flash (record).

Baby Doll Combs, owned by steer wrestler and Rodeo Champion Willard Combs is thought to be the best Steer Wrestling horse, or “bulldogger” that ever rode the circuit.  During her seven peak years of rodeo competition from 1953 to when she died in 1960 she earned over $400,000 in prize money, which in today’s dollars would amount to around $2,965,000. In 1957 Willard Combs won the Championship Steer Wrestling title on Baby Doll, and that year, the cowboys who took second, third, fourth and fifth in the standings were also riding Baby Doll.  Famous Rodeo Cowboy, Bill Linderman said that Baby Doll knew bulldogging better than some of the cowboys who were riding her.  When she died at a Kansas Rodeo in 1960 from a ruptured spleen, Willard Combs had her shipped back to his ranch in Oklahoma to be buried.  Standing at the graveside, when she was laid to rest were many of the cowboys who had ridden her.   Baby Doll was inducted into the PRCA Hall of Fame in 1979 with their very first class of inductees and is remembered as one of the greatest Rodeo horses of all times.


Summer Ride

English: Heligan: Oak "Georgian Ride"...

English: Heligan: Oak “Georgian Ride” in the Lost Valley. For more information see the Wikipedia article Lost Gardens of Heligan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weekend is almost here and it looks like the weather is going to be nearly perfect.  Blue skies, warm breezes, 80 something, and perfect for a summer ride.  The best way to spend your weekend is on the back of the most beautiful animal God has blessed us with.  When you are in the saddle you can forget the world around you, you can feel the mountains surround you, and you can get lost in the beauty of a sweet summer day.  We love to get the horse out and ready to follow the trail wherever it leads.  We look for treasures along the way.  We might find some old antlers a deer lost some time ago, we may come across a crystal clear stream we have never seen before, we might happen on a raspberry bush full to the sweetest raspberries you have ever tasted.  We never know what we are going to find as we ride but we always now what we will bring home.

We always come home with a smile, a feeling of contentment, and the enjoyable serenity that only a summer ride in the mountains can bring.

Beat the Buzzer

western wearFather’s Day weekend is legendary in Evergreen, Colorado; the weekend everything comes to a halt and residents become remnants of a bygone day, when there was nothing better than a night under the lights at the rodeo.  Sit in the front row where you can feel the breath of the champion horses as they race past, carrying cowboys and cowgirls in their best show time regalia.  We love the thrill of the ride, hoping the eight second clock will buzz before our cowboy flies into the air, wanting just one more bull rider to challenge the timer and beat the beast at his own game.  It is the fun that reminds us we are Americans and we live in the west, where everything is a little wilder and a little more challenging and a lot more of what we love.  Saddle up and wave your flag, you are about to enjoy a great chunk of Americana.

Better Together

tack and feed storesThere is something about horses and kids that make for a great marriage.   It is a lovely picture, the mammoth being, meekly deferring to the tiny one, the one that could be swept away with one aggressive snort.  Yet they stand together, nose to nose, one in deference to the other, because the horse, in its four legged splendor seems to understand that this smaller than average two legged creature is precious in some way, a treasure of some kind, and their keeping is a tremendous responsibility.  It is the gentle and wise heart of the horse and innocent nature of the child that makes the mixture ideal, even magical.  See them together and you will feel a smile spread across your lips, a lift of happiness in your step.  Their gift is the perfect combination of generosity and delight and they are meant to be together.

Kick Up Your Heels

So do you have your boots for the Rodeo yet?  You know it’s this Saturday.  Seriously girls!  Get your feet in gear and get over to Pine Country Feed, where there are boots just right for your cowgirl feet.  And while you’re at it, grab a hat for your adorable cowgirl head.  Seriously!

Rodeo Ready

Time to get your style on for the Evergreen Rodeo – the weekend when we’re all cowboys and cowgirls, and the more put together the better.  You may want to start with a belt, something studded with silver or blinged with rhinestones, which of course will have a greater impact when accompanied by the right pair of Cowgirl Tuff jeans, and you may as well top it off with one of the designer shirts that Pine Country Feed is famous for.  Did we mention that Pine Country Feed is the Cowgirl Capital of the world, because they really get that being comfortable and looking your best should go hand in hand, the perfect pairing of relaxed living and eye catching flair?  The Board Walk is waiting for your sassy approach, so pull it all together with the perfect hat, wide brimmed, leather banded, feathered set off with a pounded silver emblem, Pine Country has it all.  That’s why you and PC are meant for each other.  All you with just the right amount of wild, the best of the west!

Cowgirls on Parade

The Evergreen Rodeo is around the corner, Father’s Day weekend as a matter of fact, and part of the fun is showing up in the right garb.  Don’t look like a cowgirl wannabe, in jeans that are too blue and too plain, and a polo shirt.  Pine Country has the jeans you need with just the right amount of bling and the perfect fit, and a studded t-shirt that will give you the look.  There is a good chance that you will need a jacket, though it be June, the evenings can be cool, and if you’re going to wear a jacket it better be made of denim, and it better look like it has been to more than one round up.  And don’t forget your head – yes you’ll want a hat – it’s the best part, and you’ll look like you were born to the life.  You’ll need boots but don’t panic, we’ve got boots.  Gorgeous boots that you’ll want to wear to the bull riding, the dance afterwards and the party after that.  Finally, don’t go to the rodeo without your jewelry – bracelets, pendants and chains, earrings and even a snappy watch.  When the cowboys ride into town they’ll need something to think about while they’re being thrown from the back of a horse, and it may as well be you.