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Fall: Pine Country Style

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Wedding Wrap-Up

western wearBridal bouquets have become as individual as the bride herself.  Style has moved away from the foam holder set-up and moved to the gathering of open ended stems, giving a canvas to an entirely new stream of creativity.  Stem wrapping is taking the world of wedding flowers to new heights, presenting yet another means of adding the personal touch to your bridal flowers and those of your maids.  A more rustic wedding, on a ranch, a cabin, a barn, or outdoors in the mountains or lakeside can feature bouquets wrapped with burlap or leather strips and “fastened” with antique jewelry charms, vintage buttons, or a pounded silver and turquoise brooch.   The tack on your horse drawn carriage can be decorated to match your bouquet wraps and your groom and groomsmen can wear boutonnieres bejeweled with the same vintage jewelry or buttons.  These bouquet wraps will bring a sparkle to your walk down the aisle and that sought after wow factor in your photographs, and the high country pop the discriminating bride is looking for.

Fashion Wise

English: Wyatt Earp in the mid-1870s wearing a...

English: Wyatt Earp in the mid-1870s wearing a business suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hate for things to come down to appearance, but on some level, your image will affect your ability to gain clientele.  How you look needs to match what you do.  A person selling construction materials would look silly showing up at a site in high heels and a business suit.  By the same token, your best attire for a board room meeting with a CEO and his lender is unquestionably something from Joseph A. Banks.  If you clean houses for a living and you pull up in a car that has moss growing on the grill and remnants of last week’s lunch in the back seat, you might be throwing up a red flag as to your competence.  If you are an interior designer for high end business offices but when you meet with your client you’re wearing snagged polyester pants and a tube top, their confidence is going to wane.  You don’t have to have a lot of clothes, but a well cut business suit and shoes that gleam will tell your investment clients that you spend your money wisely and tastefully and you will do the same with theirs.  We live in the west so embrace it.  A skirt and jacket from Pine Country Cowgirl Boutique, accessorized with one of their fabulous handbags will help you present your professional best without looking stuffy and never underestimate the power of a great hair cut.  A cut that suits you and has a clean, unfussy look tells people you put your money where it counts, and you count more than anything else in your business.

Day to Remember

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

We call this day Memorial Day because we are meant to remember the people in our lives who have been lost to death.  We deem remembering so important, in fact, that we have set aside a whole day, for thinking of the people in our lives who have crossed the threshold into eternity.  The day seems to be spent, often with family and friends, cooking outdoors, sharing some pre-summer sun, perhaps working in the yard.  All of those things are worth doing and we wish everyone safety and fun in their endeavors, but we wish everyone something else.  If on this day you have a lost someone you are thinking of, we hope that your thoughts will be filled with joy, with memories of all they meant to you, with laughter for all the funny times that life throws our way, with tears for the days you wish you could talk to them just one more time, with contentment for knowing that you have loved someone enough to carry them in your heart always.  Pine Country Feed wishes you a happy and memorable Memorial Day!

Cowboy Stampede

cowgirl boutiqueOut on the range, when there’s nothing to answer but the call of the wild, and the only clock you have is shining overhead, things seem to make sense.  The little things start to matter more and all the other stuff kind of gets lost in the dust.  Taking stock of what we care about, what makes us say “this was worth it” has a lot to do with why we own Pine Country FeedWe care about giving people what they came for, meeting needs and alleviating frustrations, helping people create a life in a place they love, and giving them the service they deserve in the midst of a world where nobody has the time.  We love living in the mountains, we love the smell of horses and worn leather gloves, and we love our customers, people who have made the choice to put in the work to have what some people couldn’t begin to imagine.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and thank you more for being part of ours!


Stagecoach in Boulder parade

Stagecoach in Boulder parade (Photo credit: Jerry W. Lewis)

What were we thinking when we went from the Stage Coach as a main means of mass transportation to the “bigger than the state of Delaware” bus.  Buses have gotten so big they have to put an accordion fold in the middle of some of them just to be able to get around a corner.  Their size alone seems to give them a sense of entitlement, like ownership of the road, both their lane and yours, comes from the fact that they could run you into a ditch without even feeling it and the amount of fuel they use is heart breaking.  In the era of the Stage Coach, the passenger traveled with three, at the most four other people, and most of them wore hats, so you didn’t have their dandruff falling on your shoulder if they dozed off on the trip, and a lot of them were carrying guns, so the fear of hijacking was pretty much alleviated.  An occasional hold up, wheel break, or washed out bridge was inevitable, but it just made the trip fodder for the next letter home.   The cost of fuel was minimal, water and feed,  and during your trip you usually got to stop for a cup of coffee at a ramshackle but cozy place where they were glad to see you and happy to do what they could to make the rest of your journey a pleasant one.  If you didn’t mind having your bones rattled and being covered with dust, the Stage Coach was a very civilized way of getting from here to there – not fast, but fuel efficient and these days that is the name of the game.

Organic Chicken Feed

Ranch Way Organic Feed

Poultry and his nutrition
Poultry and his nutrition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

has come to Pine Country.  Pine Country Feed is proud to announce that we have become a Ranch Way Feed dealer which means we are carrying the Ranch Way Organic Chicken Feed.  The Ranch Way feeds are certified to be grown without chemicals or pesticides, on land that has been organic for at least three years.  The end result is a product that will give you healthier chickens, unfettered by harmful substances that are not only harmful to the chickens but to the people who eat their eggs.  Organic Chicken Feed, means healthier chickens, means better, healthier eggs, and it all starts for you at Pine Country Feed.  What kind of feed are your chickens eating?  It makes a huge difference.  What do you want to know about feeding your chickens?  We’re all ears.