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Pine Country Feed Fall Gallery

Today we would like to highlight all the new fall goodies we have at Pine Country Feed!  Here is just a taste of fall here is Pine, Colorado!

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Stagecoach in Boulder parade

Stagecoach in Boulder parade (Photo credit: Jerry W. Lewis)

What were we thinking when we went from the Stage Coach as a main means of mass transportation to the “bigger than the state of Delaware” bus.  Buses have gotten so big they have to put an accordion fold in the middle of some of them just to be able to get around a corner.  Their size alone seems to give them a sense of entitlement, like ownership of the road, both their lane and yours, comes from the fact that they could run you into a ditch without even feeling it and the amount of fuel they use is heart breaking.  In the era of the Stage Coach, the passenger traveled with three, at the most four other people, and most of them wore hats, so you didn’t have their dandruff falling on your shoulder if they dozed off on the trip, and a lot of them were carrying guns, so the fear of hijacking was pretty much alleviated.  An occasional hold up, wheel break, or washed out bridge was inevitable, but it just made the trip fodder for the next letter home.   The cost of fuel was minimal, water and feed,  and during your trip you usually got to stop for a cup of coffee at a ramshackle but cozy place where they were glad to see you and happy to do what they could to make the rest of your journey a pleasant one.  If you didn’t mind having your bones rattled and being covered with dust, the Stage Coach was a very civilized way of getting from here to there – not fast, but fuel efficient and these days that is the name of the game.