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A Stitch in Time

jeansIn 1873, immigrants David Jacobs and Levi Strauss, combined their talents and resources and came up with a new phenomenon, called Waist Overalls, more commonly known as jeans.  From this first creation of denim thread and metal rivets, the single most popular clothing item in the history the world has taken shape, and variations are endless.  Brilliant because of their durability and style, practical because they last forever and get the job done, jeans are synonymous with hard work and high fashion all at the same time.  When women finally started wearing “trousers” in the forties and then “slacks” in the fifties, a proper pair of women’s jeans weren’t far behind.  Cowgirl Tuff Jeans have taken the jean world by storm, doing their well-fitting best to make women’s legs look longer, behinds firmer, and all with a sense of wild west chic.  Pine Country Feed has the good sense to carry a product that goes so far in making women’s fashion about comfort, style and ease of care.  Proud to carry the Cowgirl Tuff brand, Pine Country is the place you’ll find a treasure around every corner.


Boots Made for High Stepping

Cowboy style boots

Cowboy style boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Pine Country Feed we live by a certain philosophy – there is no situation that can’t be improved by a great pair of boots, and have we ever got a great pair of boots.  Several actually.  Whether you are sporting jeans, a trench coat, a short skirt or even a wedding dress, a pair of cowboy boots will add the kind of style that set you apart from the crowd.  Our Lane Boots bring just the right amount of cowboy to the party, taking your wardrobe from fashionable to fantastic with a chic comfortable flair.  They are the kind of boots that get noticed, Lane Bootsnot just because they’re beautiful, but because they express the heart of the west.  Stop in for your perfect fitting and make a pair of cowboy boots from Pine Country part of your great American journey.

Chicks Only

Live chicksSpring is coming, actually later this month, and that means two things at Pine Country Feed – new clothes and chicks for sale.  Besides our chicks to fill your coop coming in April, we are loaded with great choices to fill your closet – real cowgirl outfitting from Ranch Royalty, Tasha Polizzi, Petrol Next Generation, Cowgirl Tuff and True Grit to name a few, plus knock out jewelry, and bags that will make your mouth water.  Step into the coming warm weather in a stunning pair of boots and a jean jacket with just the right amount of bling, and don’t forget the tight and sock combinations that are made to put your legs on the map.  Spring, yes, it’s really just around the corner, and Pine Country Feed is the smartest stop on your way.

Little Yellow Wonder

A day-old chick

Image via Wikipedia

It’s that time of year again when all hearts look forward with anticipation to chick days at Pine Country Feed.  Mark your calendars for April 13th – 15th, when the cheeping of the little yellow balls of fuzz will once again fill the air giving quick thinking individuals the chance to own a little piece of the farm – the egg producing part.  Let us warn you that last year all of the cutest chicks were gone within a couple hours, and they were all pretty cute, so don’t delay.  So set your clock and sweep out your coop – chick days at Pine Country Feed are about to hatch!

All the Way Down

cowgirl boutiqueJust a word about jeans – long.  They are meant to be long, stretching the full length of the leg, skimming the top of a boot and staying put when seated in a chair.  They don’t need tugging to get into place, they are made for long legs, or for short legs that long for length, and they are tailored to the cowgirl swagger.  Pine Country Feed carries only one kind of jean, several styles by companies like Cowgirl Tuff, True Grit and Ranch Royalty, but every one sports a pair of legs that will dress your two legs without a flash of so much as an ankle, because, let’s face it.  If they aren’t long enough they aren’t anything.