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Bright Side of the Sun

English: Cowboy Hat

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The fleetness of time seems to take us by surprise every season, and believe it or not, spring is in actuality just around the corner.  If you just finished storing your Christmas decorations, first of all, know that you are in good company, and secondly, be certain that you don’t let the long nights of winter lull you into thinking that the cold will never end.  There are great sunny days ahead when time spent outdoors will be everyone’s highest priority.  Don’t let the joy of the coming warmth catch you off guard.  New boots, something sassy, and a wide brimmed cowboy hat are in order for the warmth that awaits us, and a high on style jean jacket will wrap everything up with some flair.  Pine Country Feed Cowgirl Boutique is brimming with flirty skirts and blouses, belts, boots, hats and bags and of course jeans that will take you into the new season with the perfect face the world wardrobe you are craving.  Get yourself out of that parka and into Pine Country.  It’s time to get your cowgirl on!


Sitting Pretty

There is no under selling the importance of the right saddle.  In the great Westerns there is almost always a scene where the cowboy pulls the saddle off of his trusted steed, plunks it down by the fire, where he proceeds to make it the crowning point of his bed for the night.  He’s ridden on this tailored piece of worn in leather all day and now, with his hat pulled down over his eyes, the saddle has become his pillow, and he appears perfectly content.  The lesson here is simple.  You can’t mess with the saddle.   You have to get the right one, the best quality, it should be attractive, but the leather has to be a work of art, soft and tough at the same time.  Of all the leather things in life for which counterfeits have been made-shoes, easy chairs, coats, handbags, watch bands – nobody has ever been foolish enough to try to counterfeit the saddle.  It has to be leather, the best kind of leather, and it has to be saddle leather, softened with saddle soap and tooled to perfection.  An exceptional saddle is what you want, and exceptional saddles are what Pine Country Feed has.  Drop in for a browse then get ready to ride.  It will be the ride of your life!

Cowgirl Genius

That time of year has come around again when Prom is on the hearts of the young, and the cost of prom is on the minds of their parents.  Prom is the only time other than your wedding that you will spend a fortune on a dress that your senior will wear for a maximum total of six hours, and the shoes will be something you couldn’t pay her to get back into after the blisters she’ll have from dancing the night away.  There will be hair and nails and shoulder bag and make-up and in the mountain area an evening wrap of some kind will be a must.  Is there any way to get through it without taking a third mortgage on the ranch?  Think of doing something very hip, a little funky, and in the long run a lot more practical.  What if instead of the layers of pink fluff, you opted for a silky strapless tunic and a black denim skirt, split at the front with a ruffled lace underlay.  Add a “diamond” studded belt with a jewel encrusted Victorian buckle that hangs at the hips and a sassy pair of patent leather cowboy boots.  If the evening turns cool add an embroidered and blinged out jean jacket, and don’t forget the beaded shoulder bag.  All of these items can be used again, and even again.  Let Pine Country feed outfit your senior for Prom and you’ll move to the head of the class for your smarts, and your trend setting sense of style.